Chris has had a long time passion for the ocean, travel and adventure.


Combining his hobby and passion for the ocean his work is a true reflection of doing what you love. Chris has hosted successful workshops aspiring photographers of all age groups from around Australia. Accomplished projects from an array of events that includes Hurley Australian Open of Surfing, Quicksilver Pro, Rip Curl Pro, Billabong Pro and travel stories from the Great Ocean Road in Victoria to the unique landscape of Iceland and beyond.


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As a child Chris frequently travelled with family ‘Every year we’d do a big trip somewhere – Africa, Central America, Asia... a lot of places. We always had a camera with us, so I got in touch with photography that way. Always having interesting new subjects, you get fascinated about capturing those moments and the travels.’

Recently Chris travelled with support from Olympus to California, Nicaragua, Belgium, Iceland and the journey is ongoing, providing a wide range of unique photographic opportunities showcasing the Olympus system and sharing an insight into the process behind the perfect shot in his online video series.

“Photography is the perfect tool that allows me to express myself, travel the world and share my perspective of the places and people that inspire me. I couldn’t wish for more.“