Company Philosophy

We are transforming into a new company. However, our philosophy will remain the same.


Just a few days ago, OM Digital Solutions, an independent company from Olympus, launched. Although this is a newly born company, we pledge to inherit the same passion and philosophy for camera making that was cultivated over the 84 years as Olympus.


When exploring the rich history of Olympus cameras, we cannot forget to mention a developer by the name of Yoshihisa Maitani, a legacy who was involved in the development of a number of cameras that left their name in photographic history, and created a boom in the industry, including renowned camera models such as the Olympus PEN (1959), Olympus PEN F (1963), Olympus OM-1 (1972), and Olympus XA (1979).


Maitani left some words for us: "I did not inherit the Olympus DNA, and was not taught it either. I just loved taking pictures, and thought that this was a necessary thing, and so I devoted all of my efforts to it." In order to meet the needs of photographers, the philosophy of our company has, without question, been built with the determination and fighting spirit of Maitani in mind.


As we welcome a new start as OM Digital Solutions, we would like to convey our identity to everyone who loves Olympus cameras, while looking back on the achievements and words of Maitani.