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High-power flash with superb tracking for sequential shooting


This high-power flash has a maximum guide number of 58. By combining the TruePic image processor and TTL synchronisation technology, optimal lighting is produced. It covers an illumination angle of 24-200mm and 14-20mm (35mm equivalent) when using a wide panel. The FL-900R has the highest sequential shooting tracking performance in its class[1] at 10 fps[2]. Charging circuits optimised for NiMH batteries reduce charging time to approximately 2.5 seconds. The firing range has also been expanded to low intensity levels for enhanced tracking performance during high-speed sequential shooting.




Sequential shooting tracking performance


Dustproof, splashproof, freezeproof performance to -10℃




Useful in all types of photography, the FL-900R is equipped with a commander function for coordinating with wireless flash units. This flash unit can be used for multiple-high-power-flash photography via wireless control. From the camera, you can adjust settings for up to 4 flash groups.  An IR filter is included for when the commander light is not necessary.