This high-resolution, large-aperture zoom offers incredible versatility from wide angle to mid-range telephoto shots. It’s even great for macro photography. Put it in your gear bag and you’ll find yourself reaching for it over and over again. Even with all that imaging power, it’s still lightweight and compact enough to comfortably fit in your hand. The IP53-rating means its highly weathersealed so you can shoot without worry in the most adverse conditions. One of the most versatile lenses you’ll ever own.


Bright Aperture




35mm Equivalent Focal Length

24-80mm Focal length(35mm equivalent)24-80mm Focal length(35mm equivalent)
24-80mm Focal length(35mm equivalent)
Max 2.8 ApertureMax 2.8 Aperture
Max 2.8 Aperture
.6x max image magnification.6x max image magnification
.6x max image magnification
MSC Movie & Still CompatibleMSC Movie & Still Compatible
MSC Movie & Still Compatible
L-Fn ButtonL-Fn Button
L-Fn Button
AF/MF clutchAF/MF clutch
AF/MF clutch
Splash, dust, freeze proofSplash, dust, freeze proof
Splash, dust, freeze proof
Fluorine coatingFluorine coating
Fluorine coating
Handheld 4K VideoHandheld 4K Video
Handheld 4K Video
Focus Bracketing and StackingFocus Bracketing and Stacking
Focus Bracketing and Stacking
Built-In Wi-Fi + BluetoothBuilt-In Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
Built-In Wi-Fi + Bluetooth


High Quality Optics

Our 12-40mm is built using world-class optics with a bright aperture and features everything you need to capture high resolution images.

Bright F2.8

Let the light flow in. This fast, large aperture lens delivers plenty of brightness to help you shoot high resolution photos in a range of shooting situations.


It’s compact but packs plenty of optical firepower. Built with precision-cut glass configured in 9 groups with 14 elements all made to capture high resolution images.

Zero Coating

Besides being built with some of the world’s finest glass, we apply an advanced coating that suppresses ghosting and flares.

Bright F2.8Bright F2.8

Bright F2.8

With a bright, fast F2.8 aperture you’ll be able to achieve a shallow depth of field with exceptional sharpness even in low light. It’s perfect for shooting landscapes, wildlife, people and even macro photography without a tripod. It’s one lens you can use in a variety of environments that delivers outstanding image quality every time.

14 Elements in 9 Groups

There’s lots of world-class glass inside. You’ll find 14 elements configured in 9 groups. There’s EDA. DSA, HD, HR. ED and x4 aspherical lenses that are all configured to keep your images free from any aberrations and flares that traditionally come from zooming. Your images will be high resolution from the center to the edges.

Zero CoatingZero Coating

Zero Coating

Besides being built with some of the world’s finest glass, we apply an advanced coating that suppresses ghosting and flares.

Flourine Coating

When your lens gets wet, you need to wipe it clean before taking the next shot. A fluorine coating lets you get rid of the water quickly. One wipe and its gone. No streaking or waterdrops left behind. You’ll clean your lens quickly and more efficiently so you’ll get back to shooting faster.

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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Designed For You

Built to Overcome Tough Shooting Challenges

Made with the very latest manufacturing technology, the 12-40mm PRO II is designed to reliably tackle the most difficult, adverse conditions anytime, anywhere.


It comes with built-in protection from punishing conditions. This IP53-rated lens lets you shoot in dusty, wet or below freezing environments without worry.

Portable Performance

Trade in big and bulky for light and compact. This powerful zoom is amazingly portable and is 50% lighter than full-frame mirrorless SLR camera lenses.

Designed For You

It’s everything you could want in a lens. Durable, all-metal construction that’s made with the latest manufacturing technology for precision and outstanding performance.



Sometimes you have to shoot in less than perfect conditions. You could use a rain jacket and carry around extra gear. Or shoot with our IP53-rated lens and not worry about the conditions. It’s splashproof and dustproof. You can also use it in below freezing temperatures down to 14°F/ -10°C. That’s because its protected by an advanced system of seals that keeps you working no matter how harsh it gets out there.

Portable Performance

Big, bulky lenses are a pain to lug around. That’s why the OM System is one of the most portable in the world. The idea is that with less weight and bulk you’ll be able to work at your best. The 12-40mm lens fits right in. It weighs only 13.4 ounces — 50% lighter than other full-frame mirrorless SLR camera lenses — with a 2.4 inch diameter. That means it’s lightweight and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It’s the perfect balance of imaging power and portability so you’ll be able to take your best shots.

Portable PerformancePortable Performance
Designed For YouDesigned For You

Designed For You

If you do a lot of shooting outdoors, you’ll appreciate that it’s built to be tough and durable. It features all-metal construction so it can handle plenty of bumps and jolts. Just holding it in your hand conveys exceptional quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. It was made with the very latest manufacturing technologies that works with pinpoint precision so you can work at your best.

Manual Focus Clutch

Switching between auto and manual focus is effortless. Just pull the focus ring towards you for manual and away from you to go back to auto. It’ll help you keep your eye on the subject and not on your camera.

Manual Focus ClutchManual Focus Clutch

Function Button

If you have a function specific to the way you shoot like Magnify, Peaking or Digital Teleconverter, you can assign one of them to a button on the lens barrel and access it instantly. If you don’t assign it a function, use it to pause autofocus.

Function ButtonFunction Button
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Agile Shooting

Equipped To Capture Anything

It’s flexible, versatile and compact. You can shoot dramatic macro shots and capture the fastest subjects with high speed, high precision AF.

Get Close

Take beautiful macro shots with a close focusing distance of 7.8 inches across the entire zoom range.

Fast & High Precision AF

This lens won’t slow you down. We use the very latest technology for enabling high-speed, high-precision autofocusing to help you shoot both stills and video.

Compatible with Focus Stacking

If your camera has Focus Stacking mode, this lens will help you take photos in deep focus from front to back.

Get CloseGet Close

Get Close

This lens will help you capture stunning close-up shots of insects, leaves and flowers and other small objects. Get as close as 7.8 inches to your subject with a maximum shooting magnification of 0.6x (35mm equivalent). You’ll have all the imaging power you need to raise your macro photography to new heights.

Fast & High Precision AF

The 12-40mm features the latest in optical design technology to deliver fast and precise focusing. It uses a MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) mechanism to silently and quickly drive the focusing lenses. The result is a compact, lightweight focusing unit that enables 50fps sequential shooting while letting you shoot stills and movies with speed and accuracy.

Fast & High Precision AFFast & High Precision AF

Compatible With Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking helps you capture artistic macro shots and beautiful landscape photos. When paired with a compatible camera, you’ll be able take shots with deep focus from foreground to background through creating a composite image by combining multiple shots with different focus.

Compatible With Focus StackingCompatible With Focus Stacking
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35mm Equivalent


Angle of View

84° (wide) - 30° (tele)

Maximum Aperture


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