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Experience With Olympus

Experience With Olympus


Experience with Olympus – a series of hands-on workshops and experiences that aim to expand your photographic skills. From learning how to capture mouth-watering food photography to going on a photography tour to one of your favourite travel destinations, come Experience with Olympus.

Coffee with Olympus is conducted in a small group setting and is meant for those looking to capture better quality images, beyond what smartphones can do. Enjoy a free cup of coffee on us while we guide you through the basics of using your newly purchased OM-D or PEN camera. Familiarise with your new Olympus system with the help of our specialists. They will be take you through the basics of the camera controls and features. Learn about the unique features of your camera at this complimentary session and you will be on your way to capturing beautiful images.

Learn with Olympus workshops provide perfect learning opportunities from beginners through to advanced. Whether your starting your photography journey or a more experienced photographer looking to refresh or expand your knowledge. You will be taught the very basics of photography through to more advanced core aspects in our beginner, intermediate and advanced offerings.

Whether it's macro, studio, light painting, or food photography, the Capture with Olympus workshops aim to explore and provide hands-on experience and training for your photography genre of choice. Run by experienced and knowledgeable Olympus trainers, dive into a wide range of photography workshops aimed at providing unique shooting experiences to expand your photographic skills.

Join us on Walk with Olympus as we explore one of your favourite photographic spots to learn real-world applications of the Olympus system. Get photography tips on the go as we test out the advantages of the Olympus system such as image stabilisation, weather sealing, high quality lenses and more. 

Experience with Olympus is open to all and no prior attendance to our events and workshops is necessary in order to attend.

Come Experience with Olympus!