Announcing the Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital ED 12-200mm F3.5-6.3

Announcing the Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital ED 12-200mm F3.5-6.3


Olympus Australia is pleased to announce the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-200mm F3.5-6.3 (35mm equivalent: 24-400mm), scheduled to go on sale late March 2019. This new Micro Four Thirds lens delivers a high 16.6x1 magnification zoom through superb optical design with excellent depictive performance across the entire focal length from wide telephoto. The high-magnification zoom, high-speed and high-precision auto focus of this lens coupled with the compact, lightweight, dust and splash-proof design, makes it perfect for travel.

Compact and lightweight high-magnification zoom lens

The compact and lightweight design of this new 12-200mm Micro Four Thirds lens delivers 16.6x magnification with un-paralleled flexibility and portability carry with you everywhere. When combined with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, the total camera weight is approximately 930g.

Excellent close-up shooting performance

Capture subjects up close when shooting at the wide-angle end, with a close focusing distance of approximately 22 cm (approx. 10 cm from the end of the lens) to the subject. When shooting at the telephoto end, users can shoot at a maximum magnification of 0.46x (35mm equivalent) for close-up photography and for significant background defocusing. The M.ZUIKO 12-200mm lens is the perfect all-rounder for close-up of a variety of subjects in indoors and outdoors.

Dust and splash-proof construction for shooting in any environment

Featuring the critically acclaimed reliable dust and splash-proof performance as the M.Zuiko PRO series. When combined with a dust and splash-proof camera2, the lens is the perfect complement to shoot in the most punishing sandy, dusty, and wet environments.

High-speed, precise AF

Equipped with an MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) mechanism that uses an inner focus system to move a single lightweight fixed lens for focusing. This results in a short shooting lag to ensure split-second photo opportunities are not missed. Amazingly high-speed, precise AF performance on this high-magnification zoom lens delivers performance and versatility to the photographer.

Optical design that delivers high image quality

Special lens elements including Super ED lenses and aspherical lenses have been effectively arranged to thoroughly suppress chromatic aberration and distortion across the entire zoom range. ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) Coating has been applied to the lens to drastically reduce ghosts and flares, creating bright and clear image depiction across the entire frame.

Minimal angle of view shift even when the focal point is changed

Angle of view shift has been minimized when changing the focal point, for example, from focusing on a spot in the distance to a spot in the foreground. This is particularly effective to record video with minimal unnatural, small shifts in the angle of view when focusing.

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