Capturing Cycling with Just my Bike and my Camera

Capturing Cycling with Just my Bike and my Camera



I’ve found that the OM-D E-M1X is a camera that suits my style of cycling photography.

Photographing the world's biggest and most prestigious cycling races like the Tour de France you don’t get second chances. I’m often chasing the professional peloton all day, over hundreds of kilometres and only get a second to get the shot. With the body design of the E-M1X, accessing the 121-focus points while shooting has never been easier or faster with the edition of multi directional AF point selector. Once I’ve locked on to my subject the extremely accurate focus tracking helps me follow the subject across the frame all while shooting 18 fps 20.4mp RAW files.


If it’s packing multiple camera bodies and lenses into my limited carry on allowance for a flight to Europe or slinging the camera around my shoulder to photograph my local bicycle ride, the lightweight and durable design of the OM-D E-M1X just make sense for cycling photography.

On regular occasions I’ll subject my equipment to rain, heat, snow, dust and mud so it’s comforting to know that with the E-M1X, I have the highest level of weather sealing available. This ensures I get that important shot no matter what mother nature throws at me.


Photographing cyclists, a constantly moving subject, I’m often shooting from my bicycling while riding along, from the seat of a motorcycle or the window of a moving car. Having stable crisp images while moving is achievable with the E-M1X 7.5 stops of images stabilisation accounting for the bumps and road vibration.

I always shoot RAW files as the dynamic range and high images quality of the E-M1X allows me the freedom the shoot directly into the sun without losing detail in the highlights or shadows. While the M.Zuiko lenses deal with flare and create pleasing Bokeh with a great range of fast F1.2 lens such as the 17mm, 25mm and 45mm.

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