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Our Commitment

Our Commitment


The Olympus Imaging business began with the manufacture and sale of a camera using the photographic lens Zuiko in 1936. Through innovative technology and unique product development capabilities, Olympus has developed and launched various products, aiming to contribute to making people’s lives more fulfilling.

We are committed to this legacy and also to realise self-sustainable and continuous growth in bringing value to the users of our products. Olympus has therefore signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Japan Industrial Partners, Inc. (JIP). According to the MOU, both companies are entering into further discussions about the potential transfer of Olympus’ imaging business to JIP by the end of 2020.

JIP has a strong track record of success and has maximised the growth of many brands. JIP will utilise the innovative technology and unique product development capabilities which have been developed within Olympus and will realise continuous growth by bringing better products and services to users and customers. Amid the rapidly changing market environment, this form of business transfer will enable the Imaging business further.

Olympus and JIP will make all necessary preparations for a smooth transfer of the Imaging business, and JIP is committed to resources and efforts in increasing its presence within the global market as a vibrant and energetic venture.

Our direction and strategy remain unchanged and committed to creating high-quality products including cameras, lenses, audio recorders, binoculars, software and applications. We believe this is the right step to preserve our brand’s legacy, the products, and the value of our technology. Olympus sees this potential transfer as an opportunity to enable our Imaging business to grow and continue providing value to both loyal and new customers. We will provide full transparency about our intentions as the plans solidify.

During the ongoing discussions, Olympus Imaging will operate with business as usual. Our Sales, Admin Support, Customer Service and Marketing departments will continue to work on innovative initiatives for our customers and ambassadors while remaining committed to the launch of new products as planned. We are focused on the ongoing success of the Olympus Imaging business and grateful to our customers for their loyalty and support for our products, and their passion for photography.

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Will the Olympus brand become unavailable?

There is no plan to stop the Olympus brand immediately after the transfer.


Will the transfer change strategy and product line-up?

There is no change to strategy and product line-up with a continued focus on innovation which is unique to the business. We are committed to new high-quality products and services.


Are products scheduled to be launched in 2020 postponed?

There are no plans to change the launch schedule for new products in 2020 due to the transfer.


What will happen to binoculars/audio recorders other than cameras?

All product categories that our Imaging business handles will be transferred.


Are there any plans to change the warranty period due to the transfer?

Transfers are not expected to affect the warranty period.


Will repair and support services be affected by the transfer?

The transfer is not expected to affect Olympus' service offerings, and Olympus' Authorised Service Centres will continue business as usual.


Is there a possibility that some products may be discontinued due to the transfer?

The sales of certain products are not expected to be discontinued due to the transfer.


Is there business insight to withdraw from imaging categories? (cameras, lenses, audio recorders, binoculars, software and applications)

There is no plan to withdraw imaging categories. We will do our utmost to conclude a transfer agreement and will continue our business after the transfer.