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At up to half the size and weight of other interchangeable lens systems, Olympus compact cameras and lenses deliver top-level image quality in an incredibly compact package, giving you the freedom to shoot photographs you always wanted. The photographs you gave up on because your camera and lenses were too heavy to carry, photographs you missed because you couldn't get your large camera quickly into position or didn't take because your camera gear didn't suit the environment.

Carrying lighter gear gives you more energy. More shooting flexibility. More ways to express yourself. You're free to shoot longer so you can nail the right shot. Olympus compact systems let you react more quickly and blend into the scene - unlike larger cameras and lenses that can draw unwanted attention and make subjects feel uncomfortable. Because when your camera gear is perfectly designed for you, you're free to be your very best.

The Olympus M.Zuiko lenses also bring out the best in your photography. They're built to rigorous quality standards and feature precision-cut glass with bright, fast apertures. The M.Zuiko PRO lens lineup includes world-class optics and adds metal construction and worry-free weathersealing. And like Olympus cameras, M.Zuiko lenses are compact yet deliver imaging power equal to much larger lenses. All to help you break free and photograph more.


The Olympus system is compact and lightweight, which means you can pack more but still reduce strain so you can rise to every adventure without being weighed down. With Olympus, capture the moments you want, anytime, anywhere. 

“I’m often walking kilometres, and the Olympus system is small and lightweight enough for me to carry a full kit on my back without fatigue.”  Olympus Visionary Michael Hurren 



Olympus gear is already light by design, and packing light is essential for comfort and capturing images off the beaten track. The lighter your equipment, the more adventurous you can be in capturing scenes from unique and challenging vantage points. With world-leading 5-axis image stabilisation from Olympus, it means you can also leave your tripod behind. Packing light and break free from heavy camera equipment that will slow you down and spoil your highly anticipated adventure.

Get superior image quality in a camera system that’s small, lightweight and puts some of the world’s leading camera technology right in your hands.


Seeing is Believing

 Wildlife. Macro. Landscape. Enjoy a collection of images captured with Olympus cameras and lenses.