The Power of Photography and Storytelling

The Power of Photography and Storytelling

Photography and storytelling is a powerful tool to engage, connect and educate an audience. Kalumburu Photography Collective was an Olympus VISION Project recipient in 2016, and we proudly continue our support for this important project that uses photography as a tool to empower and connect people with country and culture.

Located in Kalumburu, a remote Kimberley region of Western Australia, this initiative uses photography as a medium to learn microenterprise skills, while fostering well-being and celebrating Kulumburu’s unique culture. The project supports women to gain photography knowledge and confidence that also enabled them to launch the Kalumburu Photography Collective.

With the incredible work of @freedomgarveyphotographer@elpaustralia and @clares_stories, this initiative continues to nurture and support remote indigenous photography entrepreneurs in sharing their stories, voice and vision through images.

Follow their journey and be inspired by the @kalumburuphotographycollective