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UPDATE: Our Commitment

UPDATE: Our Commitment
Olympus and JIP have released an update on the potential transfer of the Imaging Business. As promised we’re excited to share more information as it becomes available, and continue supporting photographers around the globe:
“JIP believes that by delivering value-added products and services to customers and by building an attractive company for employees, the business will be able to realise its full potential and seek growth opportunities.
The New Imaging Company would assume and build growth strategy around the renowned Zuiko, OM and other brands, featuring technologies developed and cultivated by Olympus. Assuming the R&D and manufacturing frameworks, they would commit to deliver high quality and reliable products and services to Olympus customers around the globe...
Olympus and JIP will make all necessary preparations for a smooth transfer of the Imaging business, and JIP is committed to make maximum efforts so that the new company will increase its presence within the global market as a vibrant and energetic venture.”
Read the full announcement on the Olympus Global page