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Yawuru Country with Michaela Skovranova

Yawuru Country with Michaela Skovranova



Being fortunate enough to work as nature and a wildlife photographer I have been incredibly lucky to document some of the most beautiful nature events around the Globe. Our latest project with Olympus took us to Yawuru Country in North Western Australia to document the environment and the spectacular bird migrations using the OM-D E-M1X.

We explored the region surrounding Roebuck Bay from land, sea and air where each year around 100,000 shorebirds migrate from their breeding grounds in the Northern Hemisphere. After performing their 6-day non-stop migration, the birds spend a few months feeding on the plentiful food in the mud flats, using their specialised bills to feed on crustaceans, fish and molluscs.


The region beams with untouched wilderness where striking red cliffs meet the sea.

I wanted to be able to capture the energy of this region and the vibrancy all the unique creatures bring to it.

The camera allowed me to immerse myself into the environment without disturbing the wildlife. Utilising features such as the silent shooting mode and Handheld High-Resolution capture I was able to travel lightly and achieve beautiful close encounters. Employing the world-class Auto Focus tracking system, I was able to capture incredible sequences of the birds in flight no matter which direction they flew in.


The image stabilisation system with up to 7.5 shutter speed steps of compensation performance enabled me to hand hold the Olympus M.Zuiko ED 300mm F4.0 IS PRO lens in low light conditions to capture sharp images even at low shutter speeds.

We tested the camera in some of the harshest conditions I have ever worked with, and we were blown away by what it can achieve – Incredible burst speeds, slow-motion video and high-resolution stills, all in a lightweight, versatile system. This camera has allowed us to document this region in all it’s beauty.


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