As the flagship of the mirrorless OM SYSTEM, the OM-1 is equipped with the industry’s latest technology to realize your most creative ideas. Pick it up and be amazed at its compact size, how it fits naturally in your hand and how little effort it takes to lift it. Break free from heavy, bulky cameras and tripods with the world’s best image stabilization system for shooting sharp handheld shots, even in low light. Weathersealing lets you work without worry in adverse conditions. You’ll have the speed and precision to capture the impossible and take your photos and video to new, exciting places.


Frames Per Second
Continuous Shooting

8.0 EV

Stops of
Stabilization Performance


High Res Shot Mode

20MP stacked Live MOS sensor20MP stacked Live MOS sensor
20MP stacked Live MOS sensor
3x faster processing power3x faster processing power
3x faster processing power
1053-Point All-Cross Type Phase Detection AF1053-Point All-Cross Type Phase Detection AF
1053-Point All-Cross Type Phase Detection AF
50fps C-AF / 120fps S-AF blackout free50fps C-AF / 120fps S-AF blackout free
50fps C-AF / 120fps S-AF blackout free
 Hi Res EVF 5.76M dots OLCD Hi Res EVF 5.76M dots OLCD
Hi Res EVF 5.76M dots OLCD
 IP53 Weathersealing IP53 Weathersealing
IP53 Weathersealing
Live ND64Live ND64
Live ND64
Hi Res 4k 60p MovieHi Res 4k 60p Movie
Hi Res 4k 60p Movie
 Focus Bracketing & Stacking Focus Bracketing & Stacking
Focus Bracketing & Stacking
Live CompositeLive Composite
Live Composite
UHS-II dual slotUHS-II dual slot
UHS-II dual slot
5-Axis IBIS5-Axis IBIS
5-Axis IBIS

Image Quality

Built To Take Images That Make An Impact.

Colour that reflects reality, sharpness, crisp highlights and clear contrast. The OM-1 delivers world-class image quality shot after shot.

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Get 20MP of exceptional sharpness. Our redesigned Live MOS Sensor delivers a level of image quality that surpasses most full frame cameras.

Low Light Photography

Shoot bright, crisp images indoors and in low light environments with an ISO range that can be ramped up to an astounding 102,400.

Even Better Ibis

Leave the tripod behind and let the most advanced in-body image stabilization system in the world help you take sharp handheld, telephoto and macro shots.

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Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our 20MP Stacked BSI Live MOS is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

Low Light Photography

Never sweat shooting indoors or another low light situation again. It features a standard ISO range up to 25,600. When light is hard to come by, you can increase the ISO to 102,400 to capture bright photos in the most challenging environments.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography

Even Better IBIS

Stop worrying about camera shake even at slow shutter speeds. We’ve spent decades developing the world’s most effective image stabilization system so you can be free from tripods and other stabilizing equipment to shoot spectacular handheld, telephoto and macro shots. You’ll have up to 8 steps of compensation that eliminate camera shake even at slow shutter speeds. Take bright, blur-free photos even in difficult low light settings.

Even Better IBISEven Better IBIS

Truepic X

The OM-1 is equipped with our cutting-edge TruePic X image processing chip that works in tandem with the Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor. The TruePic X delivers blazing start up and writing speeds, exhilarating autofocusing and mind-blowingly fast sequential shooting. Besides speed, this revamped processing chip raises the bar with image quality. Enjoy true-to-life color, unmatched sharpness, and vibrant gradations.

Truepic XTruepic X
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Intelligent Features

OM SYSTEM Ambassador Hannu Huhtamo

So Smart It Practically Thinks For You.

The OM-1 features a dazzling array of advanced technology that frees you to focus on to getting the shot you want every time.

Live ND

Take beautiful dreamy landscape shots using our Live ND Mode that emulates slow shutter speed effects.

Handheld High Res

Need a quick high resolution shot? We’ve moved this feature to dedicated button for taking a 50MP shot with incredible detail and clarity.

Live Comp

Capture long exposures of moving subjects like fireworks or light painting without a tripod.

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Live NDLive ND

Live ND

Who needs to carry ND filters when your camera has them built-in? The OM-1’s Live ND Mode covers up to ND64 giving you a wide range of effects. Preview slow shutter speed effects in the viewfinder before shooting.

Handheld High Res

Sometimes you just need more resolution than a 20MP image. Now you can capture a 50MP shot at the push of a button. Better still, you won’t need a tripod or other stabilizing equipment. Just hold your camera and shoot. The OM-1 automatically takes 12 shots** and instantly merges them into one high resolution photo with spectacular detail. **Reduced from 16 images vs E-M1 Mark III, E-M1X

Handheld High ResHandheld High Res
Live CompLive Comp

Live Comp

Every photographer knows that capturing long exposures is challenging. But Live Composite Mode makes it easier with our in-body image stabilization system. Capturing dramatic shots of traffic tails, fireworks, or painted light can now be taken handheld. The camera takes a series of continuous photos with the same exposure time then combines them all into one shot.

Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking gives your images a whole new artistic dimension by adding a deep focus from the foreground to the background. It’s created when the OM-1 automatically takes a series of shots then stiches them together into one beautifully rendered composite image. Focus Stacking Mode is mostly used in macro photography to add depth and drama to images of insects, spider webs and flowers. You can also use it in landscape photography to convey a strong sense of place.

Focus StackingFocus Stacking
Expressive HDRExpressive HDR

Expressive HDR

Now your photos will have wider and more expressive dynamic range with outstanding contrast and clarity. You’ll see darker shadows and brighter highlights to create more visually arresting shots.

Starry Sky AF

Capturing the galaxy has never been easier. Our Starry Sky AF Mode features two settings to take brilliant astro. Our Speed Priority setting works in tandem with the OM-1’s powerful built-in image stabilization system so you can shoot night skies and not worry about focus. Our Accuracy Priority setting lets you use a tripod and a telephoto lens to pinpoint specific stars with incredible precision. One mode. Two settings. And endless starry photos.

Starry Sky AFStarry Sky AF


Take brighter indoor shots. Anti-Flicker Mode compensates for artificial light by automatically activating the shutter at peak brightness to smooth exposure and color difference between frames.

Silent Shooting

Sometimes silence is best. This handy mode shuts off all shutter and electronic sounds — perfect for when you need quiet in discrete settings.

Silent ShootingSilent Shooting

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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Blazing Performance

OM SYSTEM Ambassador Brooke Bartleson

Speed That Blows Away All Your Expectations.

There are fast cameras. Then there’s the OM-1. You’ll find it has all the speed you could want to easily capture the fastest moving subjects, and life itself.

Fast 120fps EVF

The high-speed Electronic Viewfinder operates at 120fps and helps you clearly see subjects, even in the dark.

1,053 Point All Cross Quad Pixel AF

With an astounding 1,053 all cross-type focus points, you’ll track, focus and capture the fastest, most challenging subjects with unparalleled precision.

120fps Burst Raw, 50fps AF/AE Tracking

Talk about blazing speed. Shoot a continuous 120fps of 20MP in RAW and ensure you’ll never miss a critical moment.

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Fast 120fps EVFFast 120fps EVF

Fast 120fps EVF

See the world as it really is through our Electronic Viewfinder. It works with Live View so you can see images in real time and at 120fps gives you a clear view in low light or even in the dark. Nearly 6 million dots offer spectacular resolution while a display delay of a barely perceptible 0.005 seconds keeps pace with the fastest moving subjects.

1,053 Point All Cross Quad Pixel AF

The more autofocus tracking points, the better. That’s why the OM-1 has 1,053 point all Cross Quad Pixel AF for high-precision focusing. Every point is cross-type, enabling detection of vertical and horizontal lines for unmatched accuracy. It’s advanced autofocusing technology that ensures you’ll capture it all, anytime, anywhere.

1,053 Point All Cross Quad Pixel AF1,053 Point All Cross Quad Pixel AF
120fps Burst Raw, 50fps AF/AE Tracking120fps Burst Raw, 50fps AF/AE Tracking

120fps Burst Raw, 50fps AF/AE Tracking

When you’re in a shooting situation and need lots of speed to capture a quick moving subject or split-second action, count on the OM-1. Using the silent electronic shutter you’ll be able to take a burst of 120fps in RAW. In AF/AE Tracking, you can take a burst of 50fps without distracting blackouts or display lags. Always know exactly what you’re shooting.

Vastly Improved Face Detection

When you’re shooting portraits, faces are everything. Our newly revamped Advanced Face Detection AF offers greater precision, tracking and response to help you take portraits to a whole new level of beautiful.

Vastly Improved Face DetectionVastly Improved Face Detection
Revamped AI Detection AFRevamped AI Detection AF

Revamped AI Detection AF

Concentrate on framing your shot instead of focusing. The OM-1 is able to detect and lock on certain subjects all by itself. It’s called AI Detection AF. The camera identifies subjects like a car, plane, train, dog or a bird — you choose the mode — and it automatically pinpoints, then focuses. All you have to do is compose your shot and let the camera do the rest.

120fps Pro Capture

Capturing action that lasts a fraction of a second is nearly impossible. But not with our Pro Capture Mode. When you press the shutter button down halfway, it begins buffering a running series of photos at 120fps. When you see the moment you want, fully press the shutter and the camera saves that moment plus the buffered shots. Never miss a shot again because of a slow reaction.

120fps Pro Capture120fps Pro Capture
Dedicated AF ButtonDedicated AF Button

Dedicated AF Button

When you’re busy composing, focusing, and shooting switching between manual and autofocus slows you down. That’s why we added a dedicated AF button. It’s right by the AEL button so you’ll always be able to find it quickly.

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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Reliable Technology

OM SYSTEM Ambassador Chris Eyre-Walker

A Camera As Tough As You Are

This is one camera you can be sure will perform perfectly in the toughest conditions.

IP53 – Dustproof And Splashproof

Adverse conditions are a fact of life. The OM-1 is splashproof, dustproof and comes with an impressive IP53 rating.

Say No To Dust

Change lenses outdoors without worrying about getting the sensor dusty. Our Supersonic Wave Filter shakes dust and dirt away for pristine images.


The ultimate in durability. Rigorous testing proves that the OM-1’s shutter has a reliable lifespan of more than 400,000 actuations.

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IP53 – Dustproof and SplashproofIP53 – Dustproof and Splashproof

IP53 – Dustproof and Splashproof

You’re on a shoot and suddenly it starts pouring. Or you’re working in a desert and a furious wind blows sand everywhere. Maybe you’re taking snowboarding photos and the temperature is below freezing. The OM-1 handles all of it. You don’t even need to carry protective gear like rain jackets. A sophisticated system of seals keeps the weather out, so you can work at your best without needing to worry about your camera.

Say No To Dust

Shooting in dusty, dirty environments is always a challenge. The OM-1 makes it easy. Our Supersonic Wave Filter keeps the sensor clean so your images are free from unwanted artifacts. It oscillates 30,000 times a second to instantly shake dust and dirt off the sensor to keep your images spotless.

Say No To DustSay No To Dust
Shutter BugShutter Bug

Shutter Bug

The OM-1 comes with one of the industry’s most durable shutter units. It’s been tested to be reliable for 400,000 actuations. That means you’ll get a long shutter life you can count on to perform perfectly.

New BLX-1 Battery And On The Go Charging

Work for hours thanks to long battery life. The camera comes with our new high capacity BLX-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery that gives you 510 shots. You can also keep using the camera while the batteries are being recharged so the work doesn’t have to stop. Our battery charger is sold separately and can charge two batteries at once.

Dual UHS-II Card Slots

The OM-1’s TruePic X processor drives 2 UHS-II compatible card slots that deliver breathtaking data transfer speeds.

Updated Menu Interface

Finding the exact function you want is a whole lot easier, especially for first time users. The menu is more intuitive so you save time and shoot more efficiently.

Updated Menu InterfaceUpdated Menu Interface
In-Camera Image RatingIn-Camera Image Rating

In-Camera Image Rating

This feature helps save time with photo editing. You can mark your shots with one to four stars so you can sort through your images faster in post-production.


Our free smart device app is called OI. Share and it uses Wi-Fi to seamlessly connect to your camera. You can instantly transfer photos and video, upload images to social sites and operate the camera remotely.

Tethered PhotographyTethered Photography

Tethered Photography

If you shoot in a studio, you’ll appreciate being able to use OM Capture to connect the OM-1 to a laptop or monitor for instant viewing of your images. Make adjustments on the fly and work with greater productivity.

BLE Mobile Device Connection

BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy and it’ll help you conserve your camera’s battery power. It’s a Bluetooth connection that remains in sleep or low energy mode until its needed so your camera’s battery lasts longer.

BLE Mobile Device ConnectionBLE Mobile Device Connection
OM WorkspaceOM Workspace

OM Workspace

We’ve upgraded our popular photo management and editing software to make post-production easier and more efficient than ever.

Expand Your System

The OM-1 isn’t just a camera, it’s a sum of the system. Don’t forget to couple it with our pro-lineup of lenses and essential accessories like battery handgrips and a battery charger.

Expand Your SystemExpand Your System

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

Read Less About Reliable Technology


OM SYSTEM Ambassador Chris Eyre-Walker

Capture Video That’s Certain To Capture Attention

You’ll have all the features for making beautifully cinematic, 4K movies. You’ll capture clean, always crisp videos with high dynamic range that get noticed.

4k/60p 10bit 4:2:0 

Shoot in smooth, spectacular ultra-high resolution 4K/60p or capture high-speed, full high definition video at 240p.

Ultimate Slow Motion

If 120fps at FHD wasn’t enough, how about 240FPS?


Shoot in OM-Log to capture the maximum amount of dynamic range in challenging conditions and use the LUT to easily grade your color.

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4K/60P 10bit 4:2:04K/60P 10bit 4:2:0

4K/60P 10bit 4:2:0

Shooting in 4K gives you stunningly detailed and exceptionally vibrant video that would play smoothly on the largest screens. The OM-1 can also capture FHD at the standard 240p that looks beautiful on practically any screen You can also shoot at a high bit rate in a variety of frame sizes including H.264 and H.265.

Ultimate Slow Motion

Slow things down and capture the ultimate in slow motion video. 240 frames per second at full HD is a feat on its own. With the new TruePic X processor, the OM-1 can now get the crack of the bat at a ball game, slow down the tongue of a chameleon, and even capture the flight of a hummingbird.

Ultimate Slow MotionUltimate Slow Motion


Lighting can change quickly especially if you’re working on the fly. Shooting in OM-Log Mode compared to Flat maximizes dynamic range to keep your video looking clean and crisp without losing details in shadow or highlights. A new Look Up Table (LUT) lets you see an image on location that’s close to the color you might want your final image to look like after color grading.

Raw Output

Shoot in 10bit 4:2:2 RAW format for easier and quicker post-production editing. You can also output RAW video to external equipment like the Atomos Ninja V and Ninja V+.

Raw OutputRaw Output
HLG Video ModeHLG Video Mode

HLG Video Mode

HLG stands for Hybrid Gamma Log. When you shoot video in HLG Mode, it enhances brightness, sharpness and color that goes way beyond Standard Dynamic Range.

Video Recording Features

The OM-1 has a full range of features to get great looking video that just the way you want it. You’ll find a zebra pattern to display high and low brightness and help you find the right exposure. The camera’s aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance can be set individually for more creative control. The display can be switched between image quality mode and BT.709 equivalent. We’ve included features that make framing easier and let you record high res audio. All told, this is one camera with everything you need to capture great video.

Video Recording FeaturesVideo Recording Features

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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Is Believing

We sent top photographers on a critical mission: show off the OM-1 expansive range of capabilities. You’ll be as impressed and inspired as we are.

See it in Action

See how the OM-1 will grow with you and be the perfect companion for your adventures.


Inspirational images from OM SYSTEM OM-1 users. Add your photo for a chance to be featured on our website.

Tech specs

Because the Details Matter


TruePic™ X

Effective Resolution (approx.)

20.4 MP

AF System

Cross-type phase detection AF (1,053 points), Contrast AF (1,053 points)

ISO Sensitivity

AUTO ISO: Customisable,LOW (approx.80) ‐ 102400 (Default: 200 - 25600) Manual ISO: LOW (approx.80, approx.100), 200 - 102400 (adjustable in 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV steps)


Compatible with all Olympus Flashes

Viewfinder Resolution Magnification / Coverage

Eye-level OLED Electronic Viewfinder, approx. 5.76M dots Approx. 1.48x - 1.65x / Approx. 100% Field of View


3.0 inch Vari-angle Touch LCD (approx. 1.62M dots)

Tech specs<

HLD-10 Power Battery Holder

BCX-1 Lithium Ion Battery Charger


Extend the life of your OM-1 and have some fun too. Find a full range of accessory port add-ons, flashes, cases and straps.

RW-WR1 Wireless Remote Control

BLX-1 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

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