OM Advantage

The birth of OM overturned traditional beliefs concerning SLR cameras.


There are two key principles surrounding the new company name, "OM Digital Solutions." The first is "OM," which represents the Olympus OM System, originally developed in the 1970s. OM was developed with an uncompromising attitude towards overturning the conventional perception of SLR cameras.


Using “OM” in a new company name symbolises our brand identity, and embodies the environment of constant challenge and the development of new products and technologies.


The developer who created the OM was Yoshihisa Maitani. He took on the challenge of SLR cameras being big, heavy, and loud.


First, he proceeded to develop without compromise in terms of high functionality and performance levels, allowing the photographic possibilities to cover any natural object that we come into contact with, under the slogan of "from space to bacteria."


Next, Maitani made efforts to reduce sise and weight, stating, "The reason that I do not like to use SLR cameras is that they are so heavy." He always developed from the perspective of the photographer, then pursued differences that made it possible to realise that "it is smaller and lighter than any other camera previously made" just by placing it in one's hand. This resulted in the Olympus OM-1.


"Cameras are pointless unless you take them out with you."


Maitani then developed the Olympus XA, a cap-less, ultra-small camera that can be carried at all times.


The concept of Maitani’s pursuit of mobility was passed down to the OM-D series. The OM-D can be carried anywhere, while maintaining a compact, lightweight body, and equipped with industry-leading image stabilisation systems, dust and splash-proof structure to pair with the best high resolution lenses on the market. The OM-D mirrorless system maximises performance and provides an imaging experience demanded by many photographers.


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