OM Performance

We are particular about performance because it is what the market demands.


If there is a camera that takes good photos, then buy it; if not, then make one yourself. In the 1950’s, Developer Yoshihisa Maitani completed a prototype of a half-sized camera as a research theme for educating new design staff. This was the prototype of the Olympus PEN.


"When expanding a photo taken with a camera that I had designed, I was disappointed that the image was out of focus." As a result, Maitani went to the Lens Design Department and requested the best lens, not inferior to the Leica Tessar type.


With no cost restrictions, the lens design personnel agreed with the thoughts of Maitani, and decided to pursue an excellent lens without sparing any cost. They were delighted to take on the challenge, resulting in the various D Zuiko lenses. The business model of being incredibly fussy about lens development became the basis for providing high image quality with a small system going forward.


"Normally, when ideas are brought to the table by new employees as part of their training, you do not expect them to come to fruition. However, Olympus does this kind of thing without hesitation; Only Olympus! That is how the very first endoscope was developed, the very first camera that could photograph the inside of a stomach."


Olympus has a long-standing reputation for originality. OM Digital Solutions has inherited this value and will continue to develop products and technologies that do not yet exist in the market. The Zuiko lens, which was born from the spirit of originality, is best represented by the M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x IS PRO, a new lens equipped with extraordinary super-telephoto performance, yet a compact, lightweight design of less than 1.9 kg., launched at the end of 2020. It offers unprecedented mobility for those who require a long lens with high optical performance.