When we first introduced our mirrorless OM-D camera family, we opened new possibilities for photographers everywhere. Today, the revolution continues with the OM-D E-M1X. It's a pro level camera with features designed to take your work to exciting new places. The E-M1X is packed with innovative tech, like world-leading image stabilization, AI-based Intelligent Subject Detection AF, and a handheld ultra-high resolution shooting mode. It’s all packaged in a compact, lightweight, weathersealed system that has the speed and accuracy you need to make quick work of challenging assignments. The E-M1X. Count on it to bring your very best vision and creativity to life.


Firmware v2.0 featuring Bird Detection AF and RAW Video Output is available now.


Frames Per Second
Continuous Shooting


EV Stops of
Stabilization Performance


High Res Shot Mode

Weathersealed ConstructionWeathersealed Construction
Weathersealed Construction
15fps Seq. Shooting (Mechanical)15fps Seq. Shooting (Mechanical)
15fps Seq. Shooting (Mechanical)
 60fps Seq. Shooting (Electronic) 60fps Seq. Shooting (Electronic)
60fps Seq. Shooting (Electronic)
 In-body 5-Axis Image Stabilization In-body 5-Axis Image Stabilization
In-body 5-Axis Image Stabilization
Phase + Contrast Detection AFPhase + Contrast Detection AF
Phase + Contrast Detection AF
400K Shutter Actuation Life400K Shutter Actuation Life
400K Shutter Actuation Life
Dual TruePic™ VIII ProcessorsDual TruePic™ VIII Processors
Dual TruePic™ VIII Processors
 20 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor 20 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor
20 Megapixel Live MOS Sensor
50 Megapixel High Res Shot50 Megapixel High Res Shot
50 Megapixel High Res Shot
Handheld 4K VideoHandheld 4K Video
Handheld 4K Video
Focus Bracketing and StackingFocus Bracketing and Stacking
Focus Bracketing and Stacking
Built-In Wi-Fi + BluetoothBuilt-In Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
Built-In Wi-Fi + Bluetooth


Built To Do One Thing Perfectly: Never Miss

It’s comfortable. It’s reliable. It’s weathersealed. Most importantly, it’s shooting all day and always getting that critical shot.

Compact & Lightweight

When your camera system is as compact and lightweight as ours, an incredible thing happens: you can move around a lot easier.

Weathersealed Performance 

Toss your rain cover out. The E-M1X is splashproof, dustproof and freezeproof so you can shoot without worry in harsh weather.

Integrated Vertical Grip

Feel more secure holding your camera. Shoot comfortably for hours with the help of a deep finger rest that works in both horizontal and vertical positions.

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Compact & LightweightCompact & Lightweight

Compact & Lightweight

The E-M1X and our M.Zuiko PRO lenses are designed on a groundbreaking mirrorless platform enabling us to build lighter, smaller cameras that pack powerful performance. Compared to flagship DSLR bodies and lenses, this system is half the size, half the weight, and a lot less bulky. The advantages? More mobility to get better shots. Unparalleled handheld shooting. Working longer without tiring. Stowing more gear in a smaller bag. Our full line of M.Zuiko PRO lenses deliver incredible imaging power in half the size of 35mm glass. It all adds up to a more creative shooting experience that lets you get more from every shoot.

Weathersealed Performance

Concentrate on taking the perfect shot instead of protecting your camera from the elements. Thanks to sturdy magnesium alloy construction and an advanced system of seals, the E-M1X has best-in-class weather protection (tested to the IPX1 standard) – innovations successfully used in our durable Tough cameras. Each of the camera’s access points, including the SD card slots, are protected by a splashproof cover. A dustproof design means worry-free shooting on windy days at the beach or extreme environments. You can keep working even if temperatures plummet: the E-M1X is freezeproof down to 14°F / -10°C.

Weathersealed PerformanceWeathersealed Performance

Integrated Vertical Grip

The E-M1X is built for comfort. It starts with an integrated vertical grip featuring a deep finger rest that feels secure and comfortable in your hand. Buttons and controls are strategically placed for both vertical and horizontal shooting – use the same finger motion to find the controls no matter how you hold the camera. Operate the camera without taking your eye off the viewfinder because buttons and controls are identifiable by touch. All button functions can be customized and the C-LOCK (custom lock) feature locks only the buttons you want and keeps the others active.

USB Type-C PD Charging

The E-M1X has 2 long life, high-capacity batteries that can be charged via USB cable in about 2 hours. The at-a-glance display lets you keep an eye on battery status.

Usb Type-C PD ChargingUsb Type-C PD Charging
My Menus InterfaceMy Menus Interface

My Menus Interface

Designed with input from top pros, the My Menu feature lets you instantly access up to 35 commands. Adding, removing or moving a command in your customized menu is as easy as pressing a button.

Heat Dissipation System

Shooting 4K video and capturing sequential shots at high speeds heat up a camera. An ingenious heat dissipation system keeps the E-M1X cool and fully functional.

Heat Dissipation SystemHeat Dissipation System
Field Sensor SystemField Sensor System

Field Sensor System

The E-M1X is conveniently equipped with GPS, a barometer, a compass, and a temperature sensor. Sensor data is displayed in real time and recorded for easy image management – a helpful feature while shooting nature or wildlife.

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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Image Quality

Do More Than Capture An Image. Command Attention.  

Image is everything. That’s why the E-M1X incorporates some of the industry’s most advanced technology to ensure your images achieve the highest standards of excellence: yours.

Handheld & Blur-Free

Our revolutionary image stabilization system frees you to capture startlingly clear handheld telephoto shots in any lighting.

Handheld High Res Shot 

Take a sharp, spectacularly detailed 50MP High Resolution Image without a tripod or other stabilizing equipment.

Our Most Powerful Processing

Work with mind-blowing speed and pinpoint accuracy powered by two industry-leading imaging processors.

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Handheld & Blur-FreeHandheld & Blur-Free

Handheld & Blur-Free

The E-M1X uses the industry’s most sophisticated stabilization system found in an interchangeable lens camera. Our groundbreaking in-body 5-Axis Image Stabilization system provides 7.0 stops of compensation freeing you to shoot handheld, telephoto or macro in any light for crisp, clear photos without a tripod. When you pair the camera with a stabilized M.Zuiko PRO lens, the combined 5-Axis Sync IS system produces the world’s most effective image stabilization system providing up to 7.5 stops of compensation. It lets you take blur-free handheld shots as long as 4 seconds. There isn’t another pro camera system that offers so much mobility and flexibility.

Handheld High Res Shot

Sometimes you can use a tripod, sometimes you can’t. The E-M1X brilliantly captures super high resolution images either way. When using the E-M1X’s High Res Shot Mode with a tripod, the camera’s image sensor automatically moves in 0.5 pixel increments while taking eight shots in under a second, then merges them to create one 50MP high resolution shot. No tripod? With Handheld High Res Shot Mode, 16 shots are automatically taken while you hold the camera, then merged into a single 50MP image.

Handheld High Res ShotHandheld High Res Shot
Our Most Powerful ProcessingOur Most Powerful Processing

Our Most Powerful Processing

The E-M1X is equipped with two quad core TruePic™ VIII image processors built for speed and reliability. You’ll experience instantaneous start-up and write speeds to dual card slots, exhilarating autofocusing plus blazing sequential shooting. Besides speed, the processors deliver off-the-chart image quality highlighted by true-to-life color, edge-to-edge sharpness and vibrant gradations. Both processors work in tandem with a high-speed 20MP Live MOS Sensor featuring an Anti-Reflection Coating to reduce flaring and ghosting directly on the sensor.

Live ND Mode

Preview slow shutter effects in the viewfinder before shooting. Live ND Mode eliminates swapping ND filters for each shooting scene or lens. Choose from 5 ND levels starting from 1EV to 5EV.

Live ND ModeLive ND Mode
Focus Stacking & BracketingFocus Stacking & Bracketing

Focus Stacking & Bracketing

Use the Focus Stacking & Bracketing Modes to take sharp macro photos with a deep depth of field. With in-camera Focus Stacking, the E-M1X automatically captures several shots with varying focal points, then merges them to form a single image with edge-to-edge clarity. It's ideal for shooting plants, insects or small objects.

Anti-Flicker Mode

Capture brighter indoor shots. Anti-Flicker Mode compensates for artificial light by automatically activating the shutter at peak brightness to smooth exposure and color difference between frames.

Anti-Flicker ModeAnti-Flicker Mode
Supersonic Wave FilterSupersonic Wave Filter

Supersonic Wave Filter

Change lenses outdoors without worrying about getting the sensor dusty. Our Supersonic Wave Filter oscillates 30,000 times per second to instantly shake dust and dirt away.

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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Our Autofocus Is So Much More Than Just Accurate. It's Intelligent.  

Our revolutionary autofocus system takes another big leap forward with more accuracy, more speed and more smarts.

Unfailing Accuracy

With 121 cross-type Phase Detection plus Contrast Detection focus points, you’ll have unmatched accuracy to effortlessly capture split-second moments with precision.

Intelligent Subject Detection AF 

Concentrate on framing instead of focusing. This new AF feature uses AI-based technology to find and focus on specific subjects like cars and aircraft.

Custom AF Target

Customize and save unique AF target areas so you’ll always be ready to capture your favorite subjects.

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Unfailing AccuracyUnfailing Accuracy

Unfailing Accuracy

Our autofocus system relies on the quantity and quality of detection information. That’s why our Frequency Accelerating Sensor Technology (F.A.S.T.) AF system boasts 121 points of on-chip Phase Detection plus Contrast Detection AF across the sensor plane. Every point is cross-type, enabling dependable detection of vertical and horizontal lines for industry-leading accuracy. It's advanced technology to ensure you’ll easily lock focus on any subject in any environment.

Intelligent Subject Detection AF

Imagine your camera’s AF system being able to detect and lock on to subjects all by itself. That’s Intelligent Subject Detection AF. Developed using AI-based Deep Learning Technology, it detects specific subjects like a speeding formula car or rally car, motocross racer and flying aircraft. Choose from four modes: Birds, Motor Vehicles, Aircraft or Trains. The system pinpoints, then focuses on one part of a subject — a driver’s helmet, a pilot or an engineer. You only need to compose your shot.

Intelligent Subject Detection AFIntelligent Subject Detection AF
Custom AF TargetCustom AF Target

Custom AF Target

You can customize AF targeting in addition to using the AF Target Mode presets. Choose from any odd number of points from 11 vertical and 11 horizontal and from three levels of horizontal and vertical area movement steps. Achieve new levels of pinpoint accuracy that enhances one of the world’s best AF systems.

AF Target Modes

Use the new 25-point AF Target Mode to track moving subjects like birds or small animals. It joins 5 other AF target presets including Single, Group 5-point, Group 9-point, 121 point and Small AF.

AF Target ModesAF Target Modes
Joystick Multi SelectorJoystick Multi Selector

Joystick Multi Selector

Accurately capture moving subjects as you look through the viewfinder. A convenient multi selector lets you shift your AF area while shooting sequentially or capturing video.

Face & Eye Priority AF

When you’re shooting portraits with a bright prime lens, just switch on Face and Eye Priority AF to capture images with stunning sharpness and spectacular detail.

Face & Eye Priority AFFace & Eye Priority AF

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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So Fast, It's Way Ahead Of Your Expectations.  

Professional photographers crave speed. And the E-M1X delivers. We’ve built this camera so you can effortlessly capture the fastest moving subjects on earth.

Blazing Continuous Shooting 

It’s the ultimate in rapid response time. Shoot a continuous 60 frames per second in RAW format and never miss a critical moment.

Zero-Lag Pro Capture 

Easily capture seemingly impossible to get split-second moments with Pro Capture Mode. It only takes a single press of the shutter.

High Speed EVF

Our innovative Electronic Viewfinder delivers industry-leading magnification for distortion-free display and plenty of speed for viewing fast-moving subjects.

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Blazing Continuous ShootingBlazing Continuous Shooting

Blazing Continuous Shooting

The E-M1X generates sequential shooting speeds that surpass any DSLR. Using the silent electronic shutter, you can capture up to 60 fps of 20MP RAW image files in S-AF Mode and 18 fps in C-AF Tracking Mode. Or switch to the mechanical shutter to shoot high resolution photos at a blazing 15fps in S-AF Mode with best-in-class speed. It’s all possible thanks to dual image processors that ensure the fastest subjects are captured in sharp detail.

Zero-Lag Pro Capture

Shooting split second action is effortless with Pro Capture Mode. It starts buffering a running series of up to 35 high resolution images the moment you press the shutter button halfway. When you see the moment you want to capture, fully press the shutter button to instantly save that moment plus the buffered shots. Because you can go back 35 frames, you get the split second image you want without any lag. Never miss an exciting moment again.

Zero-Lag Pro CaptureZero-Lag Pro Capture
High Speed EVFHigh Speed EVF

High Speed EVF

What you see is what you get with our Electronic Viewfinder. There’s a four element optical system of aspherical and high refractive index lenses that provide an industry best 0.83x (35mm equivalent) of magnification for edge-to-edge, distortion-free display. The EVF works with Live View, letting you see setting changes in real time. Key settings are unobtrusively displayed so you can focus on framing your subject. A barely perceptible minimum lag of 0.005 seconds lets you chase fast-moving objects with ease.

Silent Mode

Silent Shutter Mode shuts off all shutter and electronic sounds. Perfect for when you need to be discrete in quiet settings.

Silent ModeSilent Mode
Dual UHS-II Card SlotsDual UHS-II Card Slots

Dual UHS-II Card Slots

The E-M1X’s dual TruePic™ VIII Image Processors drive two UHS II compatible slots that deliver breathtaking data transfer speeds. A staggered layout makes access easy. The four recording settings are ideal for backup and management of your image and video files

400K Shutter Life

Talk about durability. Our internal rigorous testing proves that the E-M1X’s shutter has a reliable lifespan of more than 400,000 actuations.

400K Shutter Life400K Shutter Life
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth ConnectivityWi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes sharing simple. Our free OI.Share app syncs the E-M1X to your smart device. Compose images, adjust settings, shoot remotely and upload your photos and videos.

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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Be More Mobile. Shoot Better Movies.  

There's an alternative to lugging around bulky stabilizing gear. Shoot movies using an industry-best in-camera image stabilization system that frees you to capture smooth, crisp 4K and C4K video.

Smoothest Handheld 4K Video 

Shoot clear, crisp video in any light without a tripod. With the E-M1X, you’ll have the industry’s most effective image stabilization system so you’ll be free to capture smooth handheld video.

High Bit Rate Recording

Achieve stunningly detailed and exceptionally vibrant video by shooting in Cinema 4K (C4K) with a maximum bit rate of 237Mbps — perfect for producing a big screen film.


Shoot in Log Mode to capture bright, vibrant video in changing lighting conditions without losing detail in shadows or blowing the highlights out.

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Smoothest Handheld 4KSmoothest Handheld 4K

Smoothest Handheld 4K

Don’t be weighed down by tripods, jibs, or other bulky stabilizing gear. The E-M1X is equipped with in-body 5-Axis Image Stabilization to compensate for all 5 types of camera of movement while capturing video. As an extra measure, electronic stabilization helps you shoot ultra-smooth C4K or 4K video with nothing but your hands and talent.

High Bit Rate Recording

The E-M1X lets you shoot a variety of frame sizes from standard HD to FHD up to C4K/4K. Capture C4K (4096 x 2160) up to a max bit rate of 237 Mbps at a 24P frame rate for true cinema quality. Be more flexible by shooting in 4K (3840 x 2160) video with a 30P, 25P or a 24P frame rate.

High Bit Rate RecordingHigh Bit Rate Recording


Lighting can change quickly, especially when you’re working on the fly. Shooting with OM-Log Mode compared to Flat maximizes dynamic range to keep your video clean and crisp without losing details in shadow or highlights. A new Look Up Table lets you easily grade your color using Davinci Resolve post-production software.

C4K Format

Get cinematic. Shoot in an aspect ratio of 4096 x 2160 for display on the biggest screens. It's slightly wider than standard 4K, but considerably more spectacular to view.

C4K FormatC4K Format
Clean HDMI OutClean HDMI Out

Clean HDMI Out

An HDMI monitor connection supports clean 4:2:2 output, giving you an expanded range for color correction.

Phase Detection AF For Video

Phase Detection AF uses improved algorithms to ensure fast and accurate focusing while shooting video. Choose from four AF target modes – Single, 121-point, Group 9-point or Group 25-point – plus three AF tracking sensitivity/speed settings.

Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Our stacked 20MP BSI Live MOS Sensor is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light in while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and rich dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.

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Is Believing

We sent top photographers on a critical mission: show off the E-M1X’s expansive range of capabilities. You’ll be as impressed and inspired as we are.

See it in Action

It's our very best compact system for pros. Check out all the E-M1X innovations here.


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Tech specs

Because the Details Matter


Dual TruePic™ VIII

Effective Resolution (approx.)

20.4 MP

AF System

Dual FAST AF 121-point cross-type phase & contrast detection

ISO Sensitivity

AUTO ISO: Customisable, LOW (approx.64) ‐ 6400 (Default: 200 - 6400) Manual ISO: LOW (approx.64, approx.100), 200 - 25600 (adjustable in 1/3 or 1 EV steps)


Compatible with all Olympus Flashes

Viewfinder Resolution Magnification / Coverage

Electronic Viewfinder, approx. 2.36M dots Approx. 1.48x - 1.65x / Approx. 100% Field of View


3.0 inch Vari-angle Touch LCD (approx. 1037k dots)

Tech specs<

Wireless Flash Commander



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