A new era in Micro Four Thirds technology. The award-winning OM-D series are revolutionary, interchangeable lens cameras that are exceptionally powerful, yet light and compact. OM-D cameras are perfect for people who want to take part, create, and share.
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Compatible Camera
  1. E-3 2items
  2. E-30 2items
  3. E-300 2items
  4. E-330 2items
  5. E-400 2items
  6. E-410 2items
  7. E-420 2items
  8. E-450 2items
  9. E-5 2items
  10. E-500 2items
  11. E-510 2items
  12. E-520 2items
  13. E-620 2items
  14. E-M1 2items
  15. E-M1 Mark II 3items
  16. E-M1 Mark III 3items
  17. E-M10 2items
  18. E-M10 Mark II 2items
  19. E-M10 Mark III 2items
  20. E-M10 Mark III S 2items
  21. E-M10 Mark IV 2items
  22. E-M1X 3items
  23. E-M5 2items
  24. E-M5 Mark II 2items
  25. E-M5 Mark III 3items
  26. E-P1 2items
  27. E-P2 1item
  28. E-P3 2items
  29. E-P5 2items
  30. E-P7 2items
  31. E-PL1 1item
  32. E-PL10 2items
  33. E-PL2 1item
  34. E-PL3 2items
  35. E-PL5 2items
  36. E-PL6 2items
  37. E-PL7 2items
  38. E-PL8 2items
  39. E-PL9 2items
  40. E-PM1 2items
  41. E-PM2 2items
  42. OM-1 3items
  43. OM-5 3items
  44. PEN-F 2items
  45. STYLUS 1 2items
  46. STYLUS 1s 2items
  47. TG-5 1item
  48. TG-6 1item
  49. TG-Tracker 1item
Built-in Microphone
  1. Tresmic II 3items
Lens Sync IS
  1. 5-Axis 2items
  2. No 2items
  3. 3-Axis 1item
  1. Fixed Focal Length 2items
  2. Zoom Lens 2items
  1. TruePic™ X 1item
Hi Res Mode
  1. Yes 1item
Compatible Lens
  1. M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO 2items

It's Not Just a Camera

It's a Declaration Of Freedom

Our cameras have all the advanced shooting features that pros demand and beginners love to use, combined in an astoundingly light, compact design.

H2 - 36pts Light

H7 -16pts light camara that suits with your requirements