OM Evolution

Do not compromise when photographing things that you love.


The OM System, which is the origin of OM Digital Solutions, has gradually evolved by responding to the ever-changing needs of photographers. Although a camera may be new, our manufacturing philosophy and concepts remain the same. At the core is the challenging spirit of Yoshihisa Maitani, one of the leading developers of Olympus camera history.


"If it is for sale somewhere, there is no need to create it yourself. Just buy it."


Based on this concept, Maitani focused his efforts on the three deficiencies that had faced SLR cameras: their large size, their heavyweight, and the loud sound and shock caused by the shutter operation. He overcame these three weaknesses while maintaining the highest level of performance. He reduced the shock sound and made cameras more compact and lighter weight. Maitani reduced the weight significantly, to the extent that the difference could easily be noticeable by simply holding it in your hands. This has come to fruition thanks to the uncompromising attitude towards design held by all of our people.


"If there is something that a photographer can't capture, then I want to make a camera that can capture it."


At all times, Maitani pursued true value from the perspective of the photographer. As a result, he has created many historic cameras for Olympus.


"The only time that you cannot take a picture of something is when you do not have a camera with you." Having inherited Maitani's philosophy, in the future, we shall continue to pursue the development and manufacturing of cameras that offer never before seen new imaging experiences, with a focus on the OM-D high performance, high image quality, compact and lightweight cameras that can be carried to unexplored areas.