Share Beautifully

Timeless design and creative imaging come together for expression that’s all your own. PEN is ideal for street shooters and creators with an appreciation for sleek and thoughtfully designed cameras.

Pen Design

Authentic Pen Design

No other camera combines style and performance like a PEN interchangeable lens camera. Its design is sleek, timeless, and just as fun to show off as the amazing images you’ll capture with it. PEN cameras features a top cover with no visible screws, an articulating screen and beautifully finished with a premium textured grain, and finely-crafted controls and dials positioned at your fingertips.

Premium Construction

Beauty Of Metal & Leather

The solid feel of premium metal construction. The elegant luxury of leather-grained accents. PEN cameras are compactly sized to fit comfortably in your hands, giving you the confidence to go after every shot. Their sophisticated finishes are the perfect complement to your personal style.

Vintage Look

Stop The Stress

Colour options that truly complement you. Each model has a unique take on the classic PEN style, complete with retro shapes, colours, and detailing. Choose the model that gives you the look you’re going for. Customize it with lenses and accessories to fit your shooting style.


Portable & Convenient

PEN cameras are slim and compact, so they easily fit in a purse or jacket pocket. Whether packing light for a dream vacation or just heading out with friends, PEN cameras are a perfect companion. Capture every memorable moment with the PEN that’s right for you.

Stunning Image Quality

High Quality Images

You never know when a photo opportunity will come about. That’s why every PEN camera has advanced imaging technology to produce sharp images. Advanced technologies work together to produce impressive images. A powerful sensor in combination with the TruePic™ VIII image processor — also used in our professional cameras — produces bright, clear images with razor sharpness and vibrant colour.


In-body Image Stabilisation

Crisp & Blur-free

Olympus builds the world’s most sophisticated image stabilisation technology into its cameras. PEN’s in-body stabilisation systems compensate for all types of camera movement to ensure blur-free results every time. You can even shoot hand-held in low light and still get crisp, clear photos, perfect for a night on the town.



High-Speed Sequential Shooting

Never Miss A Shot

Get the shot that everyone will want to see. Moving subjects can be tricky, but PEN’s high-speed sequential shooting function works in tandem with FAST AF autofocusing to capture up to 10 detailed frames a second.

Live View

Preview Before You Shoot

PEN’s Live View feature allows you to preview your photography before you shoot. Preview a scene using different Art Filters, or make manual adjustments to shooting settings like white balance or exposure compensation. Live View makes it easy to create beautiful and distinctive results.


Express Yourself

You’ll find a complete array of creative tools inside every PEN camera. Art Filters help you tap in to your creative expression. They’re easy to use – just frame your shot, choose a filter, and see what your image looks like before you even take it. You can even use Art Filters to create unique videos.

Art Filters Shown: Pop Art, Cross-Process, Diorama, & Gentle Sepia.

Easy To Use

Easy To Shoot, Easy To Share

PEN cameras are designed to shoot the way you want. Buttons and dials are positioned for intuitive operation. Touch LCD controls let you focus and shoot with the tap of your finger. And once you capture a great photo you are ready to share. Just download our free OI.Share app to your smart device and you’ll be able to wirelessly transfer photos and video to your phone or tablet. Built-in Wi-Fi makes instant wireless sharing a snap. PEN E-PL9 and E-PL10 make it even easier to share with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Touch LCD Controls

Touch Auto Focus And Shoot

With high-speed autofocus, the camera instantly focuses and shoots with a simple touch of the screen. Easy enough for you to capture fast moving subjects. Using Touch Auto Focus you can track your subject and capture the photo by pressing the screen. For example, take a shot of a flower with pinpoint focus by pressing the area of the screen you want to shoot or capture the perfect selfie with one touch.

Smart Shooting Modes

Shoot Like A Pro

Sometimes you want your camera to make the decisions. PEN’s AUTO feature is both convenient and intelligent: it evaluates the scene, lighting, subject and camera motion and automatically selects the right settings to give you professional-looking results every time.

Built-in WI-FI

Shoot & Share From Anywhere

Turn your smart device into an extension of your camera with PEN’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. Download the OM Image Share app to operate and shoot the camera remotely from your phone, and wirelessly transfer images to your phone for

Fast & Simple Set-up

Quick Connect

You don’t need cables or complicated steps to sync your PEN and your smart device. Simply take a shot of the QR code displayed on the camera’s LCD monitor, then connect to PEN’s onboard Wi-Fi. You’re ready to post your shot before it becomes yesterday’s news.

Beautiful Lenses

Create a system to match how you want to shoot. Designed to complement the look of the camera body, the ever-expanding family of high-performance M.Zuiko Digital lenses covers the full range of shooting situations, from intimate portraits with beautiful defocused backgrounds to wide-angle landscapes to detailed close-ups.


Customise Your Pen

Tailor your PEN’s style and functionality with a variety of premium accessories. Choose from matching leather neck straps, lens covers, body jackets, electronic viewfinders, and even a premium metal grip to make your individual look complete.