5 Years Total Extended Warranty

There are some things you can’t get enough of - like warranty. Extend your warranty and gain 5 “worry-free-years” for your OM SYSTEM or Olympus OM-D body.

What is included:

  • In total 5 years of warranty starting from the date of camera purchase. This includes the applicable statutory warranty period.
  • Failures within normal wear and usage

Whats is not included:

  • Accidental damage from handling. No protection against improper usage, accidental damage from water and damaged exterior or malfunctions in case of camera downfall
  • The 5 Years Total Extended Warranty is only available for OM SYSTEM and Olympus OM-D cameras.

Steps to extend your warranty:

  1. Purchase the 5 Year Total Extended Warranty in our e-shop
  2. You will receive a unique 5 Year Total Extended Warranty activation code via email
  3. Register your camera at and activate your Extended Warranty by using your activation code

You must activate your Extended Warranty after purchase and prior to expiration of the statutory warranty period applicable in the country of your habitual residence in order for it to take effect.

To see full terms & conditions go to:

Country coverage:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece , Czech, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.


  • 5 years of warranty in total
  • Covers failures within normal wear & usage
  • A special camera deserves a special treatment!