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The Intelligent and Flexible USB Microphone

Experience a new dimension of speech-to-text with the RECMIC II Series. Designed for professionals, these devices deliver excellent usability and results. With innovative noise cancellation with the Two-Microphone-System, offering flexible directionality and noise reduction. The devices feature a smooth UV-coating and silent buttons to minimize touch noises. The antimicrobial surface meets hygienic requirements, making them ideal for medical areas.

Clean and Clear Audio

Designed for accurate results with Speech Recognition. Even in Noisy Environments.

Intelligent Two-Microphone System

Dual Microphone Technology offers precise narrow directionality, prioritizing the acoustics directly in front of the microphone while effectively eliminating undesired noise from the sides and rear. This advanced microphone system can be conveniently adjusted, allowing you to switch between Wide field and Low Noise Cancellation mode in quiet surroundings, or Narrow field and High Noise Cancellation mode where Ambient sound is too loud. These adaptable settings ensure optimal conditions for flawless dictation and impeccable speech recognition, regardless of the surrounding environment.

Built-in Trackball with Smart Cursor Motion

With the integrated trackball, you can effortlessly navigate your mouse cursor while dictating. The intelligent trackball enhances cursor movement speed when necessary and can also be clicked to initiate a left mouse click action. This convenient feature provides seamless control over your cursor, streamlining your workflow.

Enclosed Loudspeaker to ensure excellent audio playback

The ingenious design of this device enables the integrated loudspeaker to produce ample volume and excellent sound quality, even through the compact body's smaller opening. Additionally, this construction effectively safeguards the speaker unit against dust accumulation. Experience impressive audio performance and enhanced durability with this cleverly engineered solution.

Triple-Layer Sound Studio Pop-Filter

The microphone housing boasts an integrated triple-layered pop-filter, skillfully crafted to eradicate wind noise and reduce disruptive "pop" sounds during microphone operation. This advanced design ensures impressive accuracy and dependability for speech recognition tasks. Additionally, if you depend on a typist for transcriptions, the enhanced audio precision will significantly improve the listening experience, making it effortless for them to work with your recordings.

Antimicrobial Surface

The RECMIC II features a unique surface coating that provides exceptional antibacterial and antimicrobial protection against harmful microbes. The housing and buttons of each device are constructed with Polygiene®, incorporating materials with antimicrobial coatings (ISO 22196). This design ensures superior cleanability, complemented by the "tolerance to alcohol" feature. The device can be easily wiped with either Ethanol (76.9 to 81.4 v/v%) or Isopropanol (70 v/v%), thanks to its alcohol-resistant painting. Enjoy a hygienic and safe user experience with these advanced protective measures.

Microphone Stand with Automatic Stand Detection

Experience convenient hands-free dictation with the dedicated microphone stand, enabling you to effortlessly operate other instruments simultaneously. The RECMIC II intelligently transitions to wide directional mode when in hands-free mode, seamlessly adapting to your needs without requiring any microphone adjustments. Enjoy a streamlined and efficient dictation experience with the flexibility to multitask effortlessly.

Intuitive Configuration with HID Keyboard Mode

The user has the flexibility to choose from three distinct modes, all operating in a standard HID-Keyboard mode. Two modes offer pre-defined button settings specifically designed for Dragon or Windows Speech Recognition, while the third mode allows complete customization through the Olympus RECMIC Configuration Tool (RCT). Furthermore, organizations utilizing virtual environments can take advantage of the HID keyboard mode, eliminating the need for any special driver installations. Enjoy seamless compatibility and customizable options for a tailored user experience.

RECMIC II Configuration Tool (RCT)

The RECMIC Configuration Tool is an application that supports the workflow by using RECMIC to control desktop applications. With this free to use software, you can configure RECMIC settings and assign functions that control applications to RECMIC buttons such as your microphone directionality and your button configuration.

Compatible with the ODMS software and third party applications

When paired with ODMS R7, the RECMIC II USB Microphone offers real-time recording, editing, organization, and file transmission features to typists. Furthermore, its industry-standard USB interface allows seamless integration with various third-party applications for added versatility.

Tech specs

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