DSS Pro recording

Simple user interface

Desktop application


The Olympus E-103 Stereo Transcription Headphones, specially designed for seamless integration with your PC. With its extended cable, this headset effortlessly connects to your computer's soundcard via a 3.5mm L-shaped plug, offering exceptional value for transcription tasks in bustling and noisy surroundings.

The Olympus E-103 Headset boasts an impressive frequency response of 100 - 10,000Hz, precisely calibrated to optimize the human voice. This means you can rely on this headset to deliver the utmost clarity in audio quality when transcribing voice recordings.


Main features:

  • 3.5mm jack connection (L-shaped).
  • Stereo headphones.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extend periods of use.
  • Extra-long cable (3m Cable).
  • 100 - 10.000Hz frequency response (optimised for voice).


Requirements (Compatible Devices, PC specs, etc):

  • PC or Mac with headphone input required.