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Professional Dictation, Simplified.

The DS-9500 provides both Wi-Fi and superior noise cancelling, streamlining workflow. After the initial setup, send dictation wirelessly, no USB cords or computers required. Dual microphones focus on the speaker whilst suppressing ambient noise. Studio-quality filter captures clear voice, reducing unwanted sounds. Encased in a shockproof, wipe-resistant body with slide switch, ensuring reliability in heavy use. 256-bit AES encryption and pin lock secures important and confidential information.

Intelligent Dual Microphones

WiFi Compatibility

256-bit Encryptions with 4-Digit Pin Lock

Security and Reliability.

Mobile dictation, secure file management, fast sharing. Your professional mobile dictation solution.

Crystal clear voice in any environment using Intelligent Dual Microphones

The DS-9500 features built-in stereo microphones with three modes. Select from three microphone sensitivity options to suit your recording requirements. Dictation 1 captures audio in a 360-degree radius, ideal for quiet environments. Dictation 2 utilizes noise cancellation to filter out background sounds. Additionally, Conference Mode automatically adjusts recording levels based on the loudness of speakers' voices.

Wi-Fi data transfer to enhance your workflow.

Efficiently manage workflow and transmit dictation with Wi-Fi connectivity, enhancing flexibility and productivity. Connect to your personal hotspot or office network for seamless real-time file sharing with your transcriptionist. Easily track the status of transcription files on the DS-9500.

4-position slide switch control

The slide switch offers effortless operation, freeing your focus for dictation. Easily start, stop, and edit recordings without looking at the device.

256-Bit Encryption and 4-Digit PIN Lock

The DS-9500 offers robust security features, including 256-bit encryption and a 4-digit PIN lock. The 256-bit encryption of the DSS Pro file format ensures that your sensitive information remains highly secure, providing a strong defence against unauthorized access or data breaches*. Additionally, the 4-digit PIN lock adds an extra layer of protection by restricting access to the device itself. With these advanced security measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your confidential data is well-protected. *when used in combination with ODMS R7

Full Colour Screen

The 2.4-inch full-colour screen provides a comprehensive and easy to read display, offering a live recording monitor and an intuitive menu system, all easily accessible at a glance.

Resilient in everyday dictation

Thanks to the robust housing and fabrication, the device is very durable. Our tests confirmed that the DS-9500 continues its recording when falling off a desk and survived the tests without any impairments (drop tested up to 1.5m). Also, the coating is alcohol resistant, allowing the device to be cleaned hygienically.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

The included Lithium-ion battery can be conveniently charged by connecting the DS-9500 to a PC or a compatible USB charger.

Efficient working with the Included Docking Station.

The CR-21 Docking Station ensures a smooth connection to your PC. When paired with an Olympus AC Adapter, it efficiently charges the DS-9500 within 2 hours. Additionally, you have the option to connect a footswitch for remote device control, enabling hands-free dictation. Moreover, the Docking Station's LAN network connector serves as a backup data sharing solution when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Easy and secure management with ODMS software

ODMS R7 Dictation Software empowers you to efficiently manage and send audio files to your transcriptionists, boosting the speed and accuracy of your dictation workflow. Authors can conveniently download from the Olympus dictation hand-held device, or dictate directly in USB composite audio mode. This seamless integration promotes efficient collaboration, optimizes transcription processes, enhances productivity, and ensures precise documentation.

Optional Remote and Deployment Support with WEB SCP.

With WEB SCP *, administrators can easily configure and customize settings, such as user profiles, device preferences, and security measures, from a central location. This streamlined approach simplifies the deployment process, saving time and effort. Whether it's setting up a single device or managing a fleet of DS-9500 Series units, the optional remote and deployment support with WEB SCP ensures a seamless and scalable solution for efficient device management. *Sold seperately.

Tech specs

Because the Details Matter

Recording format


Linear PCM


Hands-free recording

Available *

Hands-free transcrption

Available *

Internal Memory

2GB (NAND Flash)


* with CR21/CR15 & RS31H/RS28H

External SD/SDHC Card slot

Available (4 - 32 GB)

Tech specs<