We’re all living out a story.

Every day we make a thousand choices of a million hues to tell our tale. The world is full of beauty waiting to be captured and shared. Will you pick up a pen to write your own story?

Featherweight beauty

Elegant power within

Treasure trove for creative exploration

Featherweight beauty.

Photography can be a beautiful and enjoyable adventure. The Olympus PEN E-P7’s small size and light weight are practically unnoticeable, but the E-P7 is a sight to behold. Drawn with lines taken from a true classic, the E-P7 is elegant and compact, making the crafting of your photos an exquisite experience. With two distinct colors to choose from, you decide the tone of your story.

See the world in a different color.

The E-P7 is a treasure trove for creative exploration. With a flick of the front color/monochrome profile switch, you can instantly enhance your creative expression. Dive deeper and you’ll find more tools for inspiration, including film presets, Art Filters, and other unique creative features. For every photographic passion, there’s a way to capture it with the E-P7.

Pretty and powerful.

At its core, the E-P7 is a combination of brilliant sensor technology, powerful image processing, and precision lenses. This makes for easy operation, fast focus speeds, and clever creative features – all enhancements from previous PEN cameras. With a vast choice of compatible lenses to suit your style of photography, there are no boundaries to your creative pursuits.

More than meets the eye.

Clever at heart

- 20MP Live MOS sensor
- TruePic VIII Image processor

Featuring technology previously not available in our PEN series of cameras, the E-P7 boasts innovation worthy of its legacy. Paired with legendary M.Zuiko lenses, the E-P7’s photographic pedigree stands apart from larger and costlier systems.

Steady as she goes

5-Axis Image Stabilization

Whether performing long exposure photography in the moonlight or grabbing quick shots with friends during dusk, the in-camera 5-Axis Image Stabilization with up to 4.5 EV steps keeps your handheld photos and videos sharp and shake-free, even in low light.

Always ready for more

USB Charging

With the E-P7’s easy USB charging, you can keep moving and creating all day with universal USB chargers and power banks.

Flip Screen with Touch operation

With the versatile flip screen, you can quickly frame and capture the perfect photo from any tricky angle, including selfies! Plus, the touchscreen interface makes taking images effortless.

Faster autofocus

The improved autofocus is combined with next-generation Face and Eye Detection AF, providing you with portrait-perfect photos every time.

Built-in flash

The E-P7’s built-in flash is perfect for low light shooting conditions. Flip the switch and the flash automatically pops up. The E-P7 is also compatible with all Olympus wireless radio wave flashes, allowing you to overcome all types of challenging light situations.

4K video

The E-P7 lets you capture memories and moments in high-resolution 4K. Combined with the E-P7’s in-camera 5-Axis Image Stabilization, your footage is tack-sharp and shake-free – even while filming in motion.

Art Filters

To express your creativity, turn the dial to ART mode and choose from 16 Art Filters. Get the exact look you are after by fine-tuning an Art Filter and previewing the shot on the camera’s touchscreen – before taking the image.

Built-in flash

The E-P7 is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so you can instantly share photos and videos with your smart device and the OI.Share App. The always-on connection lets you wirelessly import images and share your shots on social media in no time. The free OI.Share App is available for both iOS and Android phones.

All the support you need for your creative vision!

Combine your new PEN E-P7 with highly professional M.Zuiko lenses and experience unlimited creative possibilities. We offer a range of beautiful fashionable accessories that highlight your own personal style.

Add a lens

Whether you’re taking macro or micro images – Olympus offers you more than 20 excellent lenses.

Boost your style

Stylish accessories for all of your outfits that will make more than just your images look good.

Tech specs

Because the Details Matter


Tiltable LCD - Touch Panel



Effective Resolution (approx.)

20.3 MP


TruePic™ VIII

Tech specs<