FAQ reconditioned products

What are reconditioned products?

Reconditioned products are used items that have been cleaned, serviced, tested and repackaged by OM Digital Solutions in our service center. They will function identically to brand-new products and are supported with the same full warranty as new ones.
The accessories provided with used but reconditioned products can differ from those supplied with a new one. It is also possible that the accessories might have minor blemishes or other signs of use on them.


How can I purchase reconditioned products?

Reconditoned products are shown in their own product listing page which can be found in the main navigation of our shop pages. Only products currently available for sales are listed on the pages.


Are reconditioned products covered by warranty?

All reconditioned products are covered with the same full warranty as new products. For further details please look at our Services & Support.


What other terms and conditions apply to purchases of reconditioned products?

For further details please look at our frequently asked questions page.