You know what’s one of the toughest things to find these days? Freedom. And we don’t mean just that stars and stripes kind of freedom, but that true, feel-it-in-your-bones, electrifying sense of being wholly unburdened and unbound, rid of any sense of duty to nothing but the moment. That - kind of freedom.

And that freedom usually isn’t a well-paved trail. It isn’t mapped out perfectly, and it doesn’t come in handy packages or with instructions. This kind of freedom takes a lot but leaves you wanting for more. Dare to try?


Growing up, we all had a friend who took us on adventures we otherwise wouldn’t have dared. TG-7 is that friend.



Mind-blowing image quality from mountain tops to vast oceans. If you can see it, TG-7 can capture it.



Get ready to have all sorts of close-encounters with industry leading macro capabilities.

Water, Shock, Freeze, Dust & ShockproofWater, Shock, Freeze, Dust & Shockproof
Water, Shock, Freeze, Dust & Shockproof
Anti-Fog Lens GlassAnti-Fog Lens Glass
Anti-Fog Lens Glass
12 Megapixel high speed CMOS Image Sensor12 Megapixel high speed CMOS Image Sensor
12 Megapixel high speed CMOS Image Sensor
TruePic™ VIIITruePic™ VIII
TruePic™ VIII
Built-in Bluetooth + Wi-FiBuilt-in Bluetooth + Wi-Fi
Built-in Bluetooth + Wi-Fi
Macro Photo ModesMacro Photo Modes
Macro Photo Modes
Underwater Photo ModesUnderwater Photo Modes
Underwater Photo Modes
Pro CapturePro Capture
Pro Capture
Live CompositeLive Composite
Live Composite
Vertical VideoVertical Video
Vertical Video
RAW CaptureRAW Capture
RAW Capture
Action Track SensorsAction Track Sensors
Action Track Sensors
Date ImprintDate Imprint
Date Imprint
Ultra HD 4K VideoUltra HD 4K Video
Ultra HD 4K Video



We have it on good authority that TG-7 may be the star of the show and we’re confident that it also means it.

the OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 is like rolling every super hero into an unstoppable action machine. No matter what you throw at it, it’s gonna roll with the punches and show it's true grit, from the mountain highs to valley lows.

And not just that. It’s gonna capture every bit of your journey in glorious picture quality. Even the tough bits.


Slip, dip, or dive? No problem. The TG-7 can take any purposeful and accidental swimming lesson you give it.


If bruises are your superpower, then the TG-7 might just be your best friend.


It might be cold as ice sometimes, but don’t worry; at least you’ll have amazing pictures to make it worth it.

Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Like a duck to water - Waterproof

The TG-7 features sealing and a double lock construction that delivers waterproof performance up to a depth of 15m (50ft). Probably more than you’ll ever freedive to, and in the case that you want to take it even deeper, we’ve got you covered (literally) with the PT-059 Underwater Case.

Eats tough luck for breakfast - Shockproof

An advanced protective construction allows the TG-7 to deliver shockproof performance for drops up to 2.1m. That means the camera won’t drop the ball on you even when things get gnarly.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Cold cases all day - Freezeproof

If frosty fingers and snow is your idea of a good time, then rest assured the TG-7 is down to party. It has worry-free freezeproof performance down to even -10°C.

Get that dirt off your shoulder - Dustproof

More into sandy shores, beach life, or Arabian nights? The OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 keeps out sand and dust, so you can focus on venturing further.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Handle the pressure - Crushproof

Don’t let adversity crush your spirit or your camera. The internal protective construction of the TG-7 helps the camera withstand loads up to 100 kg. When the pressure to give up and quit feels overwhelming, remember that you and your adventure buddy can take it.

In the clear - Anti-Fog

Hot, cold, up, down, indoor and outdoor. Nothing hazes the view and dampens the spirit like a foggy picture of a beautiful vista.

But not today! The lens on the TG-7 features dual-pane protective glass to reduce fogging even in locations with severe temperature differences.

Truepic XTruepic X
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Into the blue

Do you feel the call of the sea? Don’t be held back on your ocean adventures anymore. The TG-7 has various underwater photography-specific functions to capture those blue moments just as they were when you experienced them

Tough situations shouldn’t feel difficult.

The OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 has been designed to make operating under challenging conditions easy. The placement of grip and camera controls ensures that you stay in control of the situation, not vice versa.

Truepic XTruepic X

Adapt to the situation.

A whole line of accessories and products designed around your various needs make sure that the TG-7 can be suited to fit all your photographic adventures. From lens converters to floating straps and cases, we’ve got what you need so you can keep daring more.

Even Better IBISEven Better IBIS
Read Less About Image Quality



A camera is no good if it can’t take brilliant photos no matter how tough it is, so we’ve packed this powerhouse full of our latest innovations to make your photos as epic as your adventures. From optics to wireless and workflow, the TG-7 is chock-full of good surprises and genius technology to make sure what you capture does perfect justice to the experience you had.


And you thought big pictures need big packaging? Think again.


A supreme optical design and construction for supreme experiences.


Don’t let the fading light dull your mood or pictures. 

Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Big in all the right places.

The TG-7 can achieve incredibly high image quality through a combination of a high-resolution F2.0 lens, a high-speed image sensor, and our latest-generation TruePic VIII image processor.

This creates stunning photos with less noise and more resolution and detail than before.

See the world through a better lens.

We’ve worked hard to create an incredibly compact yet powerful lens system with a 4x wide optical zoom with an aperture range from F2.0 - F4.9. Capture subjects near and far where ever you are.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

More light means better pictures.

The bright F2.0 lens lets you capture more light in challenging situations. This makes faster shutter speeds and reduced noise possible, and opens up more creative possibilities when taking photos wide open.

RAW experiences.

Capture your photos in full RAW format, and you’ll be greeted with a generous dynamic range and beautiful colour palette to show the scene just like you saw it.

The TG-7 creates beautiful jpeg pictures but punches above its weight when you capture in RAW. Capture the experience, open a photo in any of your favorite photo editing programs, and show it like you meant it to be seen.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Remember and share each step of the journey.

The TG-7 features not just built in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, but a whole array of field sensors that adds another layer of interest to your photos. A combination of GPS, thermometer, manometer, and compass means that each photo tells a larger story of what you did, where it happened, and what it felt like to be there.
And with WiFi & Bluetooth, sharing those memories or viewing details on your phone is easy.

The TG-7 never blinks. 

We all know what it feels like to be just half a second late when trying to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Well, consider this your personal time machine. The TG-7 includes ProCapture, a sequential imaging mode that captures images at 10 fps from 0.5 seconds before you press the shutter. Feel free to blink; your friend TG-7 will keep watch.

Truepic XTruepic X
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Speed up time.

Talking about time machines, the Interval imaging mode on the TG-7 lets you create beautiful 4k time-lapse movies by capturing photos at intervals for a long duration. And it’s easy too. You set it and forget it, and if the exposure changes, the TG-7 can use exposure equalization to keep things more constant.

Make the sky come alive.

The OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 also comes with Live Composite function which enables you to effortlessly capture complex star trail images with perfect exposure every time. Live Composite adds whole new galaxies of fun (pun intended) to evenings in the outdoors.

Truepic XTruepic X
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

More than thousand words.

Even a photo cannot always do your experience justice. This is why the TG-7 comes loaded with 4K, High Speed, & Vertical Video features. Each function supports how you want to tell your story, from gorgeous, realistic 4K video to 120fps slow-mo videos. And if that mountain doesn’t quite into the frame, flip to vertical.

Stay remote. 

Sometimes, you don’t want to be where your camera is, so let TG-7 take risks while you retreat to safety and use the available RM-WR1 remote controller to click the shutter (or video) at just the right moment.

Mapped out.

The field sensor system lets you precisely see where your adventure took you and where each memory was made. The TG-7 has an ingenious location and data logging mode with a dedicated switch to make sure the entirety of your journey gets captured. And not just that, you can view the data and even utilize the compass and barometer to make navigation easier.

Under construction?

The TG-7 also features a specialized construction mode tailor made for construction professionals. It configures the settings to optimize reliable image recording on all types of construction sites, while making sure the photos meet standards and demands of both, professionals and officials alike.




The OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 lives for close calls, quite literally. It has some of the most advanced macro features seen in any camera in any price bracket, putting to shame systems that cost much more and are much bulkier. Macro on the TG-7 is not only impressive but fun and accessible as well, opening up a whole wild new world of wonder to nature and outdoor lovers alike.


With a 1cm focusing distance, the TG-7 comfortably focuses on subjects that are even uncomfortably close.


Four different macro imaging modes ensure you don’t skip out on the little things, no matter the situation.


Ever wanted to see the bees knees? Well now you can, and much, much more with up to 44.4x display magnification.

Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

1cm Focusing Distance

That’s close. Like super close. Want to try it? Find a flower or any interesting subject and keep going closer until your eyelashes can touch it. Yeah, that’s close.

Macro Scene Modes

Here’s where things get crazy. Remember how cool it was in school to view things through the microscope and find this entirely new world alive in front of you?
Well, with the TG-7, it’s that all day, every day, and everywhere.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Microscope Control

Taking magnified photos of subjects as close as 1cm from the front of your lens opens a new world of macro imaging.

Focus Stacking

Automatically captures and merges 3 to 10 macro shots at different focus points into one image with stunning depth of field.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Focus Bracketing

Capture up to 30 images at various focus points by slightly shifting the focal position with each shot. Images can then be composited in post-production using OM Workspace software to create an image with greater depth of field.

Macro Lighting Accessories

Good lighting makes all the difference in macro photography. Optional accessories like the LG-1 Light Guide allow you to capture evenly lit, extremely close images using the built-in AF Illuminator LED. The FD-1 diffuses the built-in flash giving you well-lit macro shots of faster moving subjects — even underwater.

Truepic XTruepic X



The last great explorable frontier is just a dive away.
With the OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7, every little dip into H20 becomes an opportunity for discovery. We’ve designed a whole system of features and accessories to support your deep dive into oceanic exploration. With standard waterproofing up to 15m away, there’s no need to stay at bay whenever you feel the call of the deep.


Capture your underwater adventures with five imaging modes covering everything from macro images to wide-angle shots.


The TG-7 has a wide range of functions and accessories to enhance your underwater photography adventures.


The Tough TG-7 can be paired with an extensive ecosystem of accessories to take artistic macro images, capture underwater scenes and better protect the camera.

Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Underwater Photography

At home underwater just as it is on land, the TG-7 will produce stunning images and video beneath the waves down to 15m/(50ft).

Underwater Modes

Light behaves differently underwater so you can select shallow, mid or deep to ensure the correct color balance or switch to manual for total control.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Underwater Accessories

Take underwater photography to new heights with two optional lenses. The FCON-T02 Fisheye Converter lets you capture sharp, circular shaped images. It also captures more traditional diagonal shaped fisheye images. The FCON-T01 allows you to capture wide-open scenery while maintaining the brightness of the lens - perfect for capturing wide-angle shots. The TCON-TO1 tele converter lens extends the Tough TG-7’s focal length to 1.7x to capture crisp photos of whales, dolphins or large schools of fish from a distance. All 3 lenses require the CLA-T01 adapter for attachment to the TG-7. They are a small part of a comprehensive system of accessories that raise your level of underwater photography.

Underwater Wide

The deeper you go, the less light you’ll find. With Underwater Wide Mode, you’ll be able to capture objects — such as manta rays and angelfish plus reefs and wrecks — with clarity and sharpness even in dim light.

Low Light PhotographyLow Light Photography
Stacked BSI Live MOS SensorStacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

Underwater Snapshot

Lighting is brighter in shallow waters. Switch on the Underwater Snapshot Mode to shoot stills that take advantage of natural color and lighting.

Underwater WB 

Fill your underwater images with vivid color. Underwater White Balance Mode improves red and blue tones in shallow waters and down to 15 meters.

Truepic XTruepic X

Underwater HDR

A helpful underwater mode that takes multiple images at varying exposures, then combines them to boost dynamic range to recreate details in bright and dark areas.

Underwater Housing

The Tough TG-7 doesn’t need any housing down to 50 ft (15 m). But if you want to photograph sea life at deeper depths, you’ll need the PT-059 Underwater Case. It can handle water pressure down to 147 ft (45 m). Even with the case, you can use the camera control dial for exposure compensation. Return to the surface with incredible deep water images.



Is Believing

We sent top photographers on a critical mission: show off the OM-1 expansive range of capabilities. You’ll be as impressed and inspired as we are.


See it in Action

See how the TG-7 will grow with you and be the perfect companion for your adventures.


Inspirational images from OM SYSTEM OM-1 users. Add your photo for a chance to be featured on our website.

Tech specs

Because the Details Matter



Programme automatic

Aperture priority

Custom shooting



Scene Modes

Art Filter


Shutter speed

1/2 - 1/2000s / < 4s (Night scene / A mode)





Video Quality


Wireless connectivity



Wireless control

Via OI.Share app


TruePic™ VIII

Tech specs<

PT-059 Underwater Housing

TCON-T01 Tele Converter


A wide range of accessories will allow you to use all the capabilities of your TG-7 camera. Protective gear, accessories for shooting underwater, lighting for dramatic macro shots - we've thought of everything.

LG-1 LED Light Guide

CSCH-128 Silicone Case

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