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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get advice on choosing the right camera for my needs?

    Of course! We’d recommend visiting our events page to find out about upcoming in person or online events to learn about specific products. A lot of our sessions are free of charge. In addition, you can check out our YouTube channel for past recorded live sessions hosted by our Tech Experts and Ambassadors. A lot of the sessions highlight the OM-1 Mark II, OM-1, OM-5, TG-7 and a variety of lenses!

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  2. Do you offer camera repair services?

    Yes, we provide camera repair and maintenance services. Get started here.

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  3. Does my camera or lens still have a warranty?

    To check the status of your warranty, please refer to your MyOMSYSTEM account or contact our customer support team.

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  4. Why does my voucher code not work?

    There could be a few reasons why it isn’t working.

    • The code is no longer valid. Please double check the expiration date.
    • You’ve duplicated the code or entered it incorrectly.
    • Try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome) as sometimes this can have an impact. Clearing your browser cache is also worth trying.
    • You previously applied the code but did not complete your order. If you’ve applied the code before but did not complete your order and did not “cancel” the code, the system may consider the code “redeemed.”
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    If we’ve missed something and you’d like to get in contact with our support team, please fill out our contact form. Please allow between 4-5 business days for a response.

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Latest Questions

  1. I need an accessory for my camera but don’t know what it’s called?

    If you know the model of your camera, you can find compatible accessories by just picking your camera model in the filter section here. All the accessories listed there will work with your camera.

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  2. What do I do if I have a technical issue with my camera?

    Please contact our customer support for troubleshooting assistance.

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  3. Do you offer camera workshops or photography classes?

    Yes, we host workshops and classes for all skill levels. Check our events page for upcoming sessions.

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  4. Is there a warranty on the cameras you sell?

    Yes, our cameras come with a two-year warranty when purchased new plus an extra 6 months if you register your product and sign up to receive our newsletters. If you would like to extend the warranty, you have the option to purchase a 5 Year Total Extended Warranty. For more information, please visit our warranty regulations.

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  5. How do I save my camera settings on OM Workspace?

    Please refer to our step by step article on this.

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  6. Why doesn’t OM Workspace recognize my camera?

    There could be two reasons OM Workspace is not recognizing your camera. Below are some possible scenarios to keep in mind for each reason.

    1. It is unable to connect to a server
      1. Are you using a VPN or on a restrictive network?
      2. There could be an anti-virus or some kind of security system or firewall blocking communication.
      3. You may not be using the latest version of OM Workspace.
      4. Are you the primary administrator?
      5. Are you using an external drive to store and/or run Workspace.
      6. There could be a lack of storage space on computer. Please check storage details.
      7. Do you have restrictions on your internet usage? (some sites can be considered unsafe and therefore limited)
    2. Unable to connect camera
      1. You haven't clicked “OK” for storage on camera.
      2. You should be using an official OM SYSTEM USB cable.
      3. USB port not working (try different USB ports)
      4. USB port shutting down due to inactivity/power (check USB power settings)
      5. Anti-virus, system security or firewall blocking communication.
      6. You may not be using the latest version of OM Workspace.
      7. There may be no formatted card in slot 1.
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  7. What are the benefits of registering my camera or lens?

    Registering your product allows us to better assist you should you ever have any issues with it. Another benefit is having all your product details (such as whether it still has warranty or not) easily accessible and visible on your MyOMSYSTEM account.

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  8. Why can I not access my account even though my password is correct?

    If you are unable to access your account, please click “Forgot Your Password” at the login and follow the reset steps. If this still does not work, please contact us.

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