15m (50ft)


drops up to 2.1m (7ft.)


-10°C (14*F)



up to 100kg (220lbs)

On a bustling jobsite, a good camera is not just an accessory; it's an indispensable tool. With a dependable Tough TG-7, teams can confidently navigate rigorous environments, capturing and documenting every crucial detail of their projects without worrying about damaged equipment or poor image quality.

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Delving deeper into our camera TG-7's capabilities

Image Quality

In the realm of construction documentation, achieving high image quality is essential for accurate representation and comprehensive analysis of projects. The synergy of a high-resolution F2.0 lens, a high-speed image sensor, and the latest image processor plays a pivotal role in this context. 

Date and Time Stamp

Adding a date and time stamp mode to your camera provides a convenient way to keep track of the exact moment each photo was taken. This feature is especially useful for businesses and professionals who need accurate records of events, inspections, or projects. By automatically imprinting the date and time on your photos, you can easily organize and reference your images, saving time and ensuring precision in your documentation.

CALS standards

Images that conform to the CALS (Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support) standards ensure seamless interoperability and compatibility across various computer systems. These standardized images are crucial in defense, aerospace, and engineering industries, facilitating efficient data exchange and collaboration. By adhering to the CALS standards, organizations can streamline their processes, reduce errors, and enhance the accuracy and reliability of technical documentation and imagery.

Construction Modes

Construction Mode On

Construction Mode Off

Construction Mode 1

With an advanced dust removal feature, the camera automatically detects and eliminates dust particles from photos, ensuring clean and clear images without the need for post-processing. This technology saves time and effort, allowing photographers to focus on capturing the perfect shot while maintaining high-quality results.

Construction Mode On

Construction Mode Off

Construction Mode 2

Construction Mode 2’s intelligent auto-adjustment feature optimizes settings in dark areas, producing well-balanced and well-exposed images without the need for manual adjustments. This capability allows workers to capture details even in challenging low-light conditions.

Construction Mode Off

Construction Mode On

Construction Mode 3

Construction Mode 3’s automatic high-contrast adjustment feature intelligently balances exposure in areas with extreme light and shadow, ensuring optimal clarity and detail in both bright and dark regions of the image. This capability allows workers to capture scenes with a wide dynamic range, producing well-balanced photos without the need for manual adjustments.


The indoor mode is specifically designed for flash photography in large spaces, ensuring proper exposure and eliminating harsh shadows in dimly lit environments. 

Slow Shutter

The slow-shutter mode is a valuable tool for night construction work, as it allows for long exposure times, capturing ample light from artificial sources. With this mode, professionals can document their work in low-light conditions, ensuring clear and detailed images of ongoing projects, even in the dark.

Document Mode

Document mode and binarization are essential features for capturing clear images of drawings and blackboards, enhancing contrast and removing unwanted background distractions. With these modes, photographers can easily digitize important documents and educational materials, ensuring legible and high-quality images for further analysis or sharing.


Panorama shots are invaluable for construction projects as they provide a comprehensive view of the entire site, making it easy to monitor progress and identify any issues. With a single wide-angle image, stakeholders can quickly assess the overall scene, making panorama shots an essential tool for construction documentation and project management.

Even Tough needs protection

Tough accessories are crucial for safeguarding cameras in harsh environments and ensuring their durability. A silicone camera protector adds an extra layer of protection, shielding the camera from impacts and scratches.

Macro Mode + LED Light Guide

With a remarkable 1cm focusing distance in macro mode, the TG-7 allows you to get incredibly close to your subject, revealing the most minute details with exceptional clarity. Coupled with the optional LED light guide, you can illuminate your subject evenly, ensuring that even the tiniest intricacies are captured in stunning precision.


In professional settings, seamless connectivity is essential. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology enable swift data transfer and real-time collaboration, fostering efficiency and communication among teams and devices. Coupled with field sensors like GPS for accurate location tracking, thermometer for environmental temperature monitoring, and manometer for precise pressure measurements, professionals gain invaluable on-site data. 

Explosion-proof version of TG-7

For areas with increased risk of explosion e.g. in industrial plants, it is now possible to get an explosion proof version of the TG-7 - the ARMADEX EX-M OZC 3. In collaboration with Ex Machinery, the TG-7 has been modified to be explosion proof version, and is also ATEX certified. The ARMADEX EX-M OZC 3 is available directly from our partner.

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