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Professional Transcription made simple.

The AS-2700 transcription kit provides all the essentials for effortless digital dictation file transcription. It includes the ODMS R8 on-premise transcription software, a 3-switch foot pedal, and headphones. This hands-free solution enables playback and control of DSS, WAV and MP3 file formats, aligning seamlessly with your office workflow to save time and boost productivity.

One cost, no subscription

Comprehensive playback control

Add priority and comments to audio files

Live status updates

Folder & filter management

Document association

Automatic routing

Audio decryption

Include 3-pedal footswitch & headset

User friendly interface

An audio workflow management interface designed for excellent usability. Simple to use yet fully featured to boost your productivity and efficiency.

Review & editing

Transcriptionists benefit from comprehensive playback features. Your audio files can be edited, or converted to different formats. Moreover, you can review, add or remove index marks emphasizing key points of important areas of the dictation.

Priority setting

Authors dictation can be set to high or normal priority which is both is crucial for transcriptionists. High priority ensures urgent handling, while normal priority allows efficient workload management, ensuring timely delivery and workflow consistency.

Add additional comments

Dictation files include Author ID and Worktype. With ODMS R8 On-Premise, comments can be embedded into audio. Vital for legal and medical professional to provide context, aiding transcriptionists in understanding complex details, ensuring accurate transcriptions, saving time, reducing errors.

Status updates

ODMS R8 facilitates seamless network communication between authors and transcriptionists, ensuring efficient collaboration. Authors can track transcription file status with options such as unfinished, pending, and finished, providing clarity, and streamlining workflow. This feature is invaluable for transcriptionists, particularly in transcriptionist pools, enhancing coordination.

Flexible transcription options

ODMS R8 offers unmatched flexibility. Recieve dictations for precise transcriptions using traditional methods. Or when used with speech recognition software*, automatically transcribe dictations, requiring only minor adjustments if needed.
*sold separately.

Folder & filter management

For authors, dictations can be downloaded into specific folders, which can be mirrored across your network. Your organization can set up folder structures bases on typing pools, author based, or work types.

Document association

Linking written transcripts with audio recordings is vital for comprehensive documentation. ODMS R8 streamlines this process, allowing seamless association between recordings and relevant documents. This integration enhances organization, accessibility, and efficiency, facilitating easier reference and ensuring comprehensive record-keeping.

Automatic routing

Experience streamlined workflow efficiency with ODMS R8, effortlessly transferring dictations between authors and transcriptionists to shared network or via email. Benefit from customizable automatic transfer rules, ensuring swift delivery based on work type and author ID. By eliminating the need for manual email creation and attachment, you save time, reduce errors, and maintain seamless communication throughout the transcription process

Supported audio formats

ODMS R8 provides extensive playback support for a variety of file formats including DS2, DSS, WAV, and MP3, ensuring compatibility with diverse recording preferences. Whether encrypted or unencrypted, users can seamlessly access and review their audio files with ease, enhancing flexibility and convenience in dictation management.

Online meeting recording

ODMS R8 not only downloads or records from audio devices in real-time but also captures audio from online web conferences like Teams, Zoom, or Webex. Using proprietary DSS Pro format, files are up to 5x smaller than WAV, easing file sharing. Real-time encryption with 256-BIT AES ensures recording security.

Control and Connectivity

Our foot pedal control ensures smooth playback, boosting speed and accuracy. Paired with our headphones for clear audio, distractions are minimized, ensuring precise work. This is crucial for efficient, error-free tasks.

3-Pedal Foot Control

The three-pedal footswitch provides hands-free control with advanced functionality. Compatible with HID keyboards, it offers customization via our free Configuration Tool for Windows. Users can easily program it to switch modes and assign functions to pedals.


Experience excellent audio quality with our transcription-focused product. Optimized frequency response captures human voice nuances for precise transcriptions. A 3m cable offers flexibility, while its 25g weight ensures comfort. The 3.5mm L-shaped plug ensures a secure connection.

One cost, no subscription

ODMS R8 On-Premise is a one-off cost with no subscription required for the life of the release. Whether you are an author or a transcriber, you only pay for one license for one user. Not only that, but security updates and patches are free for the lifetime of the software release.

Resilient in everyday dictation

The DS-2700 showcases a strong and durable design, ensuring its resilience. Rigorous tests have shown its ability to withstand falls of up to 1.5m without impacting recording capabilities.