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To meet the minimum equipment requirements you must register a minimum of 3 products, up to a max of 10 products1:

  • (1) One Olympus Camera Body within these series: OM-D EM-1, OM-D E-M1X, OM-D E-M5, OM-D E-M10, PEN-F
  • (2) Two PRO or Premium lenses.

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FOR VIRGINIA RESIDENTS: If any promise made in the contract has been denied or has not been honored within 60 days after your request, you may contact the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs at vdacs.virginia.gov/food-extended-service-contract-providers.shtml to file a complaint.

1If you have more than 10 products to register please contact Olympus Support at 800-260-1625 Prompt 4.

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Secure Transcription made simple.

The AS-9000 transcription kit is tailored for our professional audio capture devices, featuring a foot switch, headset, and powerful transcription software. It supports playback of industry standard audio file formats including PCM WAV, MP3, and encrypted DSS & DS2. The AS-9000 enhances productivity by seamlessly integrating into office workflows, saving time and money.

4-Pedal Foot Control

3.5mm stereo transcription headphones

Olympus Dictation Management Software (Release 7)

Dictation. Documented.

The AS-9000 includes footswitch, headset, and powerful software. Seamlessly integrates into audio workflows, streamlining data sharing and dictation distribution.

Key Features 


Compatible with Olympus recorders for a complete transcription solution.

The AS-9000 works seamlessly with a range of Olympus auido recorders including DS Series, and RECMIC II.

4-Pedal Foot Control

The RS-31H four-pedal footswitch offers hands-free control with advanced features. It supports HID keyboards and can be configured using our free Configuration Tool (Windows | Mac). Users can program it to switch between operation modes and assign functions to pedals. The center or top pedal includes a lock release for customization and user preference. Enjoy enhanced transcription efficiency with the RS-31H footswitch.

3.5mm stereo transcription headphones

Experience exceptional audio quality with our product specifically designed for professional audio transcription. The frequency response has been carefully optimized to capture the nuances of the human voice, ensuring clear and accurate transcriptions. With a generous 3-meter-long cable, you'll have the flexibility to move around without constraints. Weighing just 25g, it is remarkably lightweight, making it comfortable for extended usage periods. The 3.5mm L-shaped stereo plug provides a secure and reliable connection to your device.


Designed to deliver exceptional audio workflow

New and improved interface design for excellent usability. The user interface is an important component of professional dictation hardware and can boost your productivity and efficiency.

Secure Dictation Workflow

The DSS Pro audio format offers 256-bit AES encryption and decryption, ensuring your authors dictation files are shielded with robust security. This cutting-edge encryption technology ensures that your confidential audio recordings remain secure and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Automatic dictation routing/workflow

Efficiently receive dictations via LAN, FTP, or email. Customize automatic reception rules based on work type and author ID to ensure swift delivery.

Full control over Audio Playback.

ODMS R7 offers a user-friendly interface, enabling the easy reception of dictation and customizable sorting for audio files and documents. It provides the ability to review and add index marks, an audio level meter for precise control over key topics. Effortlessly manage volume, auto backspace. Customize playback speed, utilize noise cancellation, and tailor the tone. Choose from two transcribe bar modes and efficiently manage files through editing, prioritization, and splitting/joining features. Process status displays the completion or pending status of files.

Seamless interface to speech recognition*

Enhance your transcription experience with advanced speech recognition technology, empowering seamless and automatic transcription of audio files. Utilize powerful tools such as Dragon Software for efficient and accurate results. Take advantage of the ability to review transcribed files, make edits, and significantly boost both speed and productivity. *Speech Recognition software sold separately.