A new era in Micro Four Thirds technology. The award-winning OM-D series are revolutionary, interchangeable lens cameras that are exceptionally powerful, yet light and compact. OM-D cameras are perfect for people who want to take part, create, and share.
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Compatible Lens
  1. M.Zuiko Digital ED 90mm F3.5 Macro IS PRO 2items
Compatible Camera
  1. E-3 3items
  2. E-30 3items
  3. E-300 3items
  4. E-330 3items
  5. E-400 3items
  6. E-410 3items
  7. E-420 3items
  8. E-450 3items
  9. E-5 3items
  10. E-500 3items
  11. E-510 3items
  12. E-520 3items
  13. E-620 3items
  14. E-M1 3items
  15. E-M1 Mark II 6items
  16. E-M1 Mark III 6items
  17. E-M10 3items
  18. E-M10 Mark II 3items
  19. E-M10 Mark III 3items
  20. E-M10 Mark III S 3items
  21. E-M10 Mark IV 3items
  22. E-M1X 6items
  23. E-M5 3items
  24. E-M5 Mark II 3items
  25. E-M5 Mark III 6items
  26. E-P1 3items
  27. E-P3 3items
  28. E-P5 3items
  29. E-P7 3items
  30. E-PL10 3items
  31. E-PL3 3items
  32. E-PL5 3items
  33. E-PL6 3items
  34. E-PL7 3items
  35. E-PL8 3items
  36. E-PL9 3items
  37. E-PM1 3items
  38. E-PM2 3items
  39. OM-1 Mark II 3items
  40. OM-1 6items
  41. OM-5 6items
  42. PEN-F 3items
  43. STYLUS 1 3items
  44. STYLUS 1s 3items
  45. TG-5 1item
  46. TG-6 1item
  47. TG-Tracker 1item
Built-in Microphone
  1. Tresmic II 3items
Lens Sync IS
  1. No 1item
  1. Fixed Focal Length 1item
  1. TruePic™ IX 2items
  2. TruePic™ X 1item
Hi Res Mode
  1. Yes 3items
Video Quality
  1. 4K 3items
  2. C4K 3items
  3. Full HD 3items
  4. High Speed Movie FHD 2items
  1. Dustproof 4items
  2. Freezeproof 4items
  3. Splashproof 4items
  4. Waterproof(15m) 1item
Technology Innovation
  1. AE Bracketing 3items
  2. Focus Bracketing 3items
  3. Handheld Hi-Res 3items
  4. HDR 3items
  5. Intelligent Subject Detection 1item
  6. Keystone Compensation 3items
  7. Live Composite 3items
  8. Live ND 3items
  9. Live Time 3items
  10. Multi Exposure 3items
  11. Tripod Hi-Res 3items
  12. Silent 3items
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6 Items

  1. New
    OM-1 Mark II - OM | OM-D - OM SYSTEM | Olympus
    OM-1 Mark II

    Starting at $2,399.99

    Save $300 on OM-1 Mark II Add your Trade Up bonus coupon towards your OM-1 Mark II Body or 12-40mm F2.8 PRO II kit purchase.
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  2. OM-1 - OM | OM-D - OM SYSTEM | Olympus

    Starting at $2,199.99

    2 day shipping available
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  3. Sale
    OM-5 - OM | OM-D - OM SYSTEM | Olympus

    Starting at $999.99 Regular Price $1,199.99

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  4. OM-D E-M10 Mark IV - OM | OM-D - OM SYSTEM | Olympus
    OM-D E-M10 Mark IV

    Starting at $699.99

    Buy an E-M10 Mark IV Body & Get a free M.Zuiko 14-42mm II R Lens!
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  5. OM-D E-M5 Mark III - OM | OM-D - OM SYSTEM | Olympus
    OM-D E-M5 Mark III

    Starting at $999.99

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It's Not Just a Camera

It's a Declaration Of Freedom

Our cameras have all the advanced shooting features that pros demand and beginners love to use, combined in an astoundingly light, compact design.

H2 - 36pts Light

H7 -16pts light camara that suits with your requirements