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Professional Dictation made simple.

Looking for an affordable alternative to tape-based dictation without compromising simplicity? Look no further than the new DS-2600. With its user-friendly slide-switch operation, you can easily edit recordings by inserting or overwriting without needing to make additional amendments. Ideal for small legal or business practices, this device allows you to dictate personal notes or record meetings with ease. Whether you're an established business or venturing into the fields of law, real-estate or surveying, the DS-2600 is the ultimate solution for recording personal notes, letters, meetings, or interviews.

Omni-directional stereo recording

4-position slide switch 

Audio editing including insert and overwrite

Business Dictation with ergonomic and superb stereo recording. 

Intelligent two-microphone system

The built-in stereo microphones offer both Dictation and Conference modes. In addition, choose from three microphone sensitivity options to meet your recording needs. The High sensitivity is best for recording conferences, Mid is suited to dictation, and Low is ideal for up-close recording.

4-position slide switch control

The slide switch offers effortless operation, freeing your focus for dictation. Easily start, stop, and edit recordings without looking at the device.

No More Tapes

Easily transfer recordings to your PC using the included USB cable. The DS-2600 has 2GB built-in memory and supports external SD cards up to 32GB (sold separately).

Insert and Overwrite Recording modes

The DS-2600 provides multiple recording modes. With Insert mode, you can add your recording directly into an existing audio file without requiring an addendum. Overwrite mode allows you to record over previous dictation at any desired point. Lastly, Append mode adds a new recording to the end of an existing file.

Full Colour Screen

The 2.4-inch full-colour screen provides a comprehensive and easy to read display, offering a live recording monitor and an intuitive menu system, all easily accessible at a glance.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

The included Lithium-ion battery provides up to 56 hours of battery life and can be conveniently charged by connecting the DS-2600 to a PC or a compatible USB charger.

Superb audio recording in DSS, PCM WAV and MP3

The DSS format ensures high compression without quality loss in digital voice recorders. PCM format offers less compression for compatibility with various playback tools. MP3 format is widely used for consumer audio storage and transfer/playback of music on digital audio players.

Resilient in everyday dictation

The DS-2600 boasts a sturdy and durable design, ensuring its resilience. Our tests revealed that it withstands falls of up to 1.5m without any impact on recording capability. Additionally, its alcohol-resistant coating enables hygienic cleaning of the device.

Index Marks

During recording or playback, you can up to 32 insert index marks into an audio file. These marks serve as convenient indicators for identifying important or significant parts of your dictation.

Noise Activated Recording with VCVA

The VCVA function conserves memory by pausing recording during silent periods, and automatically resumes recording when it detects sound above a pre-set threshold. This helps optimize playback efficiency and extend recording time.

Simple dictation management with DSS Player Standard

DSS Player Standard software lets you easily review, edit and control playback of your dictation, including noise cancellation and playback speed adjustment. Compatible with PC and MAC