Share Any Adventure

Designed for adrenaline junkies who want to capture fast action under extreme conditions. Tough cameras are waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, freezeproof, and dustproof for worry-free operation on any adventure.

Rugged Technology

Rugged to Go Anywhere

OM SYSTEM Tough cameras are incredibly rugged. Take them up a rocky mountain trail one day and scuba diving the next, and you’ll get spectacular shots every step of the way. Packed with unmatched combinations of features, Tough cameras capture the smallest details and brightest colours of every exciting moment. Tough is the camera you’ll always have along.


Dive Deeper

Whether you’re by the water, in the water, or underwater, Tough cameras always get the shot. They’re waterproof to depths of 50 feet (15 meters), perfect for snorkeling, battling the waves, or capturing cannonballs in the backyard pool.

Shockproof & Crushproof

Stop The Stress

It’s inevitable. At some point you’ll drop, crush, or sit on your camera. Tough cameras are designed to be strong so you don’t need to worry about damage. They’re shockproof from a height of 7 feet (2.1 meters) and crushproof to withstand up to 220 pounds of force (100 kgf).

Freezeproof & Dustproof

Designed to Shoot Everywhere

Once you’re accustomed to having your Tough camera along for the ride, you won’t ever leave it at home. That’s why OM SYSTEM has designed the Tough lineup to function in extreme conditions. Bring your Tough to cruise down wintery slopes (it’s freezeproof down to 14°F/-10°C) and on all-day hikes across desert trails (it’s dustproof too).

Superior Image Quality

Powerful Imaging

Rugged on the outside, sophisticated OM SYSTEM technologies on the inside. Tough cameras have the power to create incredibly crisp and bright shots, even in low-light environments (like underwater) or when you’re on the move (Tough records smooth HD video too). Tough is all you’ll need to capture every adventure and tell every story.


Shot with Tough TG-6

High-Speed Autofocus

Never Miss a Shot

Moving subjects can be tricky. Do-overs aren’t always an option. Never miss a shot with Tough’s lightning-quick FAST AF technology, which zeroes in with incredible speed and pinpoint accuracy.


Shot with Tough TG-6

Bright High-Speed Lenses

Lenses Up for the Challenge

You need powerful imaging for challenging environments. Select Tough models feature bright F2.0 high-speed lenses that capture light fast. Nail blur-free shots as quick as the action happens, and shoot crisp, detailed images with minimal noise in low light.

Ultra-Wide Lenses

Wide Angle Wow

Whether you’re on the adventure of a lifetime or away for the weekend with the entire family, you want to fit more into your shots. The ultra-wide lenses found in the Tough lineup have a greater angle of view, allowing you to capture more details of every scene.

Underwater Modes

Underwater Ease

Shooting underwater is a breeze with Tough cameras. Powerful modes like Underwater Snapshot, Underwater Macro, and Underwater HDR – which uses composite technology to enhance light and shadow – allow you to resurface with bright, vibrant images.


Shot with Tough TG-6

Easy To Use

Easy To Shoot, Easy To Share

You want to capture epic adventures, not fuss with complicated controls or set-ups. That’s why Tough cameras are easy to operate. With built-in Wi-Fi for remote shooting, wireless sharing, and a Field Sensor System that includes a GPS sensor, Tough cameras help you find, shoot and share your adventures like never before.

Convenient Controls

Convenient Controls

With Tough, convenient controls give you the power to capture shots on-the-fly. Select Tough models feature customizable function buttons that are programmable with the functions you use most, and custom modes on the mode dial store your favorite shooting settings for instant access.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Shoot & Share from Anywhere

Tough’s built-in Wi-Fi syncs with the free OM Image Share app to turn your smart device into an extension of your camera. Compose your image, adjust camera settings, and snap the shutter remotely, then wirelessly upload and share your shots.

Field Sensor System

Find Your Adventure

With a Tough camera, you’ll always know exactly where your ultimate shots were taken. Tough’s enhanced GPS pinpoints your location in under ten seconds. Select models feature an electronic compass that track barometric pressure, altitude, and water depth. And the free OM Image Share app enables easy transfer of GPS logs and shooting data to your smart device.

Fast & Simple Setup

Quick Connect

There are no cables or complicated steps to sync up your smart devices. Simply snap a shot of the QR code displayed on the camera’s LCD monitor, then connect to Tough’s on-board Wi-Fi. You’ll be ready to wirelessly share your images before they become yesterday’s news.

Create The Ultime Rugged System

Turn your Tough camera into the centerpiece of a versatile photography system with waterproof lenses, protective cases, and an underwater housing for the really deep dives. All the components are just as rugged as the cameras they’re designed for.


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Extend the life of your OM-1 and have some fun too. Find a full range of accessory port add-ons, flashes, cases and straps.


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